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A Quick Holiday {Pre-Holiday} at Palmetto Bluff + Savannah

We just got back from our whirlwind holiday at Palmetto Bluff in South Carolina and Savannah with my side of the family, and it was filled to the brim with good food and good quality time!

We did get one day with our dear friends who miraculously scored two extra tickets for us to join them at the last ever Music to Your Mouth Festival in Palmetto Bluff. It was amazing!! Live music, food from vendors and restaurants from all over the South, on a beautiful fall night. It was magical to say the least. I only wish we'd gotten there earlier to take photos of the table scapes...amazing and beautiful. By the time we got there the crowd had marked their territory and the chairs were all askew and personal items strewn about. #sadbuttrue

We were only with our friends for 24 hours, but managed to squeeze that in, along with a couple of quick fishing trips to different lakes. As always, we toured around on our friend's golf cart - I didn't take many photos because our twins were driving their own cart right behind us, and I had eyes on them the whole time #momlife.

I did see this spectacular build going up while we were there. This was in a new area of their latest development inside Palmetto Bluff called The Moreland Village. Part of why I love this one is that it was stunning in size and even though it's not yet complete, I could tell by the level of exterior finishes this home is going to be superb. Practically every other new one being built, I promise you, was white with black painted or metal windows. How long will this trend last do you think? #datestamp2020

The only other photos I took while there was the inside of one of the restrooms at the coffee shop in Moreland...the mix of cerused shiplap and tile was quite interesting to me so, of course, I had to take photos.

Sadly, we took leave of our friends, and made our way over to Savannah to see my family for a quick visit before the Thanksgiving holiday. We always take our kids downtown to the historic area while in Savannah. Even though I grew up there, it never gets old. I personally could drive endless loops around all the squares and look at the historic homes and hidden gardens - you know I love me some old doors!

Plus we stopped in to see our favorite artist at Reynolds Square Gallery where I spied two new to me pieces. I'm planning a primary bath renovation right now and I reserved a space above the tub for just such a painting...just saying.

How did you spend your holiday weekend? Let me just say, and I say this as much for me to hear it as to share with all of you, that carving out time to spend with the people we love, no matter where they are in the world, is worth it. Did you travel near or far or stay right where you are??? Share what you did below in the comments! I'd love to hear all about it. xoxo!


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