Nancy Lane Interiors is a full-service design studio offering solutions for projects of varying scale. We collaborate with clients one-on-one to solve their design dilemmas and turn their design goals into a refined reality.


Some clients only want or need a one-time consultation to give them ideas and head them in the right direction. We also offer the a la carte consultation services listed to the right. 

Phase 1: Discovery and Client Onboarding

• Initial Inquiry

• Discovery Phone Call

• In-Person Introduction + Consultation

• Design Proposal

• Letter of Agreement

• Retainer

After your initial inquiry, we follow up with an introductory email and typically book a discovery phone call. During this free 20 minute chat, we discuss your project and what services would best meet your needs. If it’s a good fit, we move forward with an initial consultation. This is the launching pad for every new project. During this first meeting, we discuss your project goals in detail as well as your investment amount in order to determine a comprehensive scope of work. After the consultation, you will receive a carefully crafted design proposal for your review. Upon your approval, design work will begin.

Phase II : Design Plan + Presentation

  • Design Plan Meetings
  • Design Concept Meeting with Investment Proposal
  • Design Concept Creation
  • Plan Presentation

    After the design proposal has been accepted and the LOA signed, the real fun begins! During this phase, we develop a unique design plan based on your project goals and needs while incorporating our own vision. The process of moving from concept to final design may consist of a series of meetings and presentations as we research and narrow down infinite possibilities. This phase typically takes 4 weeks from the initial visit or longer depending on the size of the project. The final design plan, including visual aids such as floor plans and samples of fabrics and finishes, will be presented in person and revisions will be made if necessary.

Phase III : Procurement

  • Plan Approval
  • Proposal and Payment
  • Scheduling + Orders
  • Logistics + Tracking
  • Style Plan Meeting
The procurement phase spans from the time proposals are approved and orders are placed
until the furnishings are delivered. This might take a few weeks to a few months depending on the project and specified items. Before we purchase anything on your behalf, you will receive a proposal that details specific items along with all known associated costs. After proposals are approved and invoices paid, we work diligently behind the scenes placing and following up on all orders, tracking shipments and deliveries, and resolving any issues, all while keeping you in the loop.

Phase IV : Implementation

During this phase, we will meet again in person to discuss a final styling plan for accessories.
Styling is what elevates your space from well-appointed to magazine worthy. To put it simply, we are adding those finishing touches and perfecting details. This stage follows a different process than the rest of the design. After the design plan is approved and major purchases made, we continue to source and select various additional accessories for your space based on our discussion during the Style Plan Meeting. This could include art, lamps, throws, vases, candles, and other types of accessories and will be within your requested investment amount. Once all items arrive at our receiver and have been fully inspected, we schedule white glove delivery.

Phase IV : Completion

  • Final Installation
  • Reveal Day
  • Media Day
  • Final Walkthrough
This is where the design vision becomes reality. We try our best, if all goes according to plan, to arrange to have everything delivered and installed on the same day so you get the full effect of the finished space when you come home. On install day, the furniture is delivered, window treatments are installed, rugs are laid in perfect position, accessories are placed, and art is hung. Once every item has been placed and styled and the big reveal has passed, we will bring in our team of professional photographers—with your permission, of course—at no cost to you. The resulting images will be used on our website and social media platforms. Don’t worry, you will be anonymous and your personal information will not be used or disclosed.

Chit Chat Consultation

Sometimes all you need is a sounding board. We are available for one time, in-home meetings that help you initiate plans for your home project. We offer advice on color palettes, finishes, window treatments, and spatial planning. If you need a listening ear and a push in the right design direction, this service option is perfect for you.

Paint Consultation

A coat of paint can make or break a design. We offer expert professional paint color selections for both interior and exterior based on a home’s hard finishes, interior selections, style, and location.

Pen Pal {Distance} Design Service

Pen Pal Design (otherwise known as Distance Design or virtual design) services are perfect for clients with smaller projects and budgets who are not ready for full service design or for those living outside of the Houston area. Here's what to expect with a virtual design project:

  • Complete our inquiry form here.
  • We'll send you our client discovery questionnaire.
  • Once the homework is complete and photos and measurements of your space have been received by our office, we'll schedule a phone or virtual consultation via zoom to review your spaces and questionnaire.
  • We send you a detailed proposal tailored to your specific needs with information on our design fees + timeline to complete the project.
  • You'll sign a contract + pay our design retainer fee.
  • We present Version 1 of your design plan.
  • You provide feedback with any change requests. We revise the design based on your feedback.
  • We supply you with your final design board including links for you to purchase the items at your leisure and as your budget allows.
  • We include a floor plan with instructions so you know where things go.
  • You install and enjoy!

Designer for a Day Consultation

Our Designer for a Day service is the ideal option when you're paralyzed about purchasing a big ticket item like a new sofa or you just moved and are not sure where to put your old furniture in your new home. Maybe you need to double check your finish selections for a kitchen or bathroom makeover or company is coming and you need a quick guest room refresh. We're here to hold your hand, so to speak, and get you going in the right design direction.
Here's what to expect:

  • After our discovery phone call, we'll send you our client discovery questionnaire to complete and you will submit photos and measurements of your space.
  • Once we define your priorities and outline the deliverables, you'll sign a contract + pay our design retainer fee.
  • Next, we'll meet at your home for a quick tour of the space before we head out to tackle our shopping needs.
  • We will visit my favorite local retail shops and showrooms while offering our expert advice to guide your priorities and purchasing.
  • Afterwards, we'll review installation instructions so you know where things go (two follow-up emails are included for any questions you may have).

Designer on Call Service

Our Designer on Call Service is perfect for clients who aren't currently looking for Full Service or Distance Design Services, but still wish to consult with Nancy on design projects or subjects. This service is billed at a flat rate and includes a block of design hours that can be used for consultation regarding hard and soft finish selection, design advice, and purchasing services. You will receive an email to let you know when your block of design time is almost up and additional blocks of time may be purchased if needed.

Nancy Lane Interiors is a residential interior design firm in Houston, TX. We specialize in helping busy families and professionals solve their design dilemmas. Our client-centric systems and design services work to translate who you are, what you love, and how you live as we transform your home so you can love where you live. 
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