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Booking a Chit Chat Design Consultation

Interior design studio office space of Houston based interior design firm Nancy Lane Interiors.

Here at Nancy Lane Interiors, we realize every project is different and as unique as you are. Because of that, we currently offer other flexible design consultation services for clients whose project needs do not require remodeling or construction services and/or our full service design (including design concept, detailed planning and selections, all the way through to procurement, installation and final styling ).

You might be someone who enjoys putting spaces together, but needs an expert ear and eye to consult with just before pulling the trigger on buying new furnishings you've been debating about for months now, or you've bought a new house and have zero idea what the best layout for your old furniture is in your new spaces. Or you might have an art collection, passed down over the years and from your own travels, but you have no idea how to showcase it in your home. Or you and your spouse can't agree on whether to switch out all of your window shutters for Roman shades or drapery, or if the cost of that would even be plausible.

Over the years, we have gotten such sweet feedback from clients who found immense value in having the option to chat with us with a very concentrated focus, since their project didn't necessarily require hiring us for a full scale design project.

Modern Texas Transitional Living Room by  Houston based interior design firm Nancy Lane Interiors featuring twin performance fabric upholstered sofas, black plaster fireplace, custom artwork, and yummy earthy, moody vibes.

Sometimes all you need is a sounding board! We are available for one time design consultation meetings where you ask us your most pressing interior design questions about your space(s) and get our feedback and advice. If you need a listening ear and a push in the right direction, this design service option is perfect for you.

Some examples of topics we can advise on during these 90 minute meetings:

  • Furniture and home decor selection and placement

  • Floor plan layout options

  • Suggestions for drapery or window treatments

  • Styling ideas and suggestions

  • Fixture and finish updates to consider

  • Construction and remodel ideas

  • Exterior design advice

Scan-Asian inspired kitchen renovation by Houston based interior design firm Nancy Lane Interiors featuring warm stained cabinets with modern flat front drawers and pops of black and gold for contrast.

Since there is a 90 minute limit for each consultation, here are some suggestions to help you prepare before our meeting, in order to make the most of our time together.

Write a list of spaces in your home you'd like help with, including your goals for each space. Ask yourself:

  • What's the purpose of the space?

  • How do you want the room to look and feel?

  • Imagine the room completely finished in your mind. Describe it in detail to us.

Once you have your list, take some time to prioritize what three areas on your list you want to concentrate on first. We'll work through your list by this numerical ranking. We can cover a lot of information in our 90 minutes together, but please know that we won't be able to design your whole house or even a full room (after all, Rome wasn't built in a day).

Gather examples images of inspiration rooms you love or decorative items, either from magazines or save them online in a Pinterest board that we can review together. We've even had Chit Chat clients put together their own slideshow presentation #weloveourclients

Think about your budget as your review your priority list. We ask that you be honest with yourself, and with us, regarding your investment amount and any limitations thereof. Please know that we aren't here to judge - we truly want to give you the best ideas and suggestions for your space, based on what you'll be able to accomplish on your own, within your stated budget.

What happens if once is not enough? Never fear, we're here for you.

  • We've worked with clients who have done multiple Chit Chat Design Consultations.

  • Remember that we also offer expert paint color consultations as a stand alone service offering. We can combine a Chit Chat consultation with a Paint Color Consultation with advance notice.

  • We've also met with clients who thought they wanted or needed just a one time consultation, only to realize that they actually want to hit the easy button and have us handle everything from start to finish. If this happens, we'll simply shout "plot twist" and discuss the next steps to working together on a full service design project.

Are you ready to get started? Set up a discovery call with us today!

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