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High Point Market 2022 Recap

Another High Point in the books! I'm happy to say that this year's market felt like everyone was back, after so many closed showrooms last year and diminished capacity and accommodations.

Word on the street this year is that designers are buying out the wazoo, and big storefront retailers were in attendance to preview new collections but weren't buying. They all over-purchased during COVID to make up for shipping delays, and now have an inventory surplus with no room to add more product.

One area where I still saw shortages was on the transportation front, particularly the number of shuttles and bus drivers between airports and the buildings in HP itself. High Point sources told me that filling these positions has been very difficult, so transportation during the entire week was a bit slow. Nothing we couldn't handle, but something to note for yourself if you happen to go next year in the spring or fall.

There are whispers in the news of another shutdown in China during the winter months, so designers out there reading this, look deeper into your domestic sources, make your plan, and work your plan.

Part of the fun of going to markets is not only to see what new collections are coming out, its also to see dear designer friends. Quite a change from my first trip solo - and I couldn’t love it more! If you're planning your first trip to High Point and you tend to be on the shier side of life, visit our Introvert's Guide to High Point.

Have a look through some of the pieces I made sure to snap during this year's showcase below!

Texture is still here and thriving - velvet was big, and boucle fabrics are holding strong.

Do you like these fabrics at first glance, or are you immediately figuring out if you can clean them up relatively easily? I'm always curious to hear what y'all think about the latest trends (which really are just throwbacks but that's another blog post for another day).

Color and pattern are back! I think they never left, but this showroom made me smile so big!

I also found a great new outdoor furniture vendor this year! Color is everywhere.

Curves are definitely still everywhere - if you have clumsy family members or young kids that like to run into things, this trend could be exactly what you're looking for!

And if you needed a reminder today...

If you missed it up top, and you're planning your first trip as a designer to High Point and you tend to keep to yourself, visit our guide below:

And if you want to compare notes from last year's markets, click through below:

Did you make it to High Point this year? Tell me what was your favorite showroom? Or do you have any questions about anything you've seen in the photos above? Drop a comment below and I'll get right back to y'all!


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