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My October Birthday Buys

Nancy Lane Interiors: My favorite October birthday buys

It's the best time of the year in my humble opinion! The month of October is as beautiful as it is busy. Not only is it my birthday month, it coincides with both High Point and Round Top markets, so this shopping spree for myself actually started because of those two trips, but hey, I don't mind at all :)

Today, I'm sharing my favorite October birthday buys that are going to help a lot with my efficiency and comfort for markets, and some things I just love and want in my everyday world. Enjoy and hopefully you'll find something you can add to own wish list!

Nancy Lane Interiors: My favorite October birthday buys

Favorite October Birthday Buys

Weather and comfort drove my search for shoes/clothing for market this time around - I like to wear a style I like to think of as 'relaxed luxe casual.' Basically it's a garanimals situation for adults - variations of blue, black, or white jeans, a mix of tops that are solid or patterns featuring chocolate, caramel, beige, black, white, and army/olive green with an occasional navy thrown in for good measure. I can't forget my camo and leopard prints - I have developed a capsule wardrobe without even realizing!

The Bandolier Billie crossbody phone case is something I've been eyeing forever as well - I constantly need my phone out to take notes or take photos during market trips, and this allows me to have it at the ready, plus it has these great thick straps to store a few other small things as well (think credit card and a lip gloss).

Nice Treats I Bought Myself

This Josie Maran sugar scrub is amazing! My special skin (aka I have psoriasis) loves a good scrub based on the particle size of sugar versus salt! The smaller particles are much friendlier to my special skin and the Argan oil is moisturizing without being greasy. My skin eats it up.

Michelle Pfeiffer (yes THAT Michelle Pfeiffer, the actress) developed her perfume line about a decade ago and I've watched it from afar until this month. I've bought full size bottles of perfume before only for it to sit idle and unused but I recently stumbled upon her discovery kit while shopping online at Nordstrom and am so glad I did. It's heavenly and I've tried nearly every one. None of them are overpowering, just pure and not chemical smelling. My favorite has to be the Flora Carnivora (think notes of orange-flower water, jasmine absolute and a hint of cedarwood). I'm pretty sure this set is my new go to gift for my girlfriends.

I also bought more pairs of shoes and jeans than I care to admit - and returned a ton. If it's uncomfortable or red flag raising while standing in my closet, it's going to irritate me during travel, so back it goes.

What I kept: Isle Jacobsen shoes for the win. So far, I'm exchanging a few others and will report back on what I kept for HPMKT later in another post. The big surprising winner: Democracy jeans from Amazon. They were less than a fraction of others I bought at Nordstrom - I loved them immediately from the get go and will be getting more!

Happy shopping! Tell me if you end up loving anything on my list below!

Nancy Lane Interiors: My favorite October birthday buys

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