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My Own Primary Suite Refresh Sneak Peek

NLI Inspiration for Primary Suite Refresh featuring design by Amber Lewis

As most of you know, we have two teenagers making their way out of the nest this fall. I am equally excited and gutted that they'll be going out on their own adventures. It's a mixed bag of emotions for sure, especially, I think, when its your firstborn and in my case times two. You also know if you've been reading here long enough that I've had plans ready to go for a primary bath refresh but thanks to Snovid '21 we ended up pausing that project to repair damage caused by broken pipes #thanksfornothingERCOT. Since I've had extra time to contemplate, now the bathroom reno has ballooned into refreshing both our bedroom and bathroom. #dominodesigndecisions

A wise friend who's own kids have flown her nest recently urged me to plan it all out now in Q1 and Q2, and wait until Q3 and Q4 to actually get through the construction. Not only is our NLI design schedule jam packed from now well into summer, but I also will likely need a hearty distraction project when the house is suddenly a lot more quiet come this fall. And I don't think any of us will enjoy being in half-done construction zones during our last months as a party of five all under one roof!

I went into more detail about the full remodel of the bathroom in this post, but today is more of a design concept sneak peek for the entire suite!

NLI design concept board featuring inspiration rooms by Cortney Bishop, Amber Lewis, McGee +Co
NLI design concept board featuring inspiration rooms by Cortney Bishop, Amber Lewis, McGee +Co

It's time for new windows and window treatments in our bedroom, and we're overdue for a new mattress IMHO. You might think you've redone a space just yesterday (at least that's according to the hubs who said "it feels like we just did this") but my neck and back remind me every day that I've been working with this {husband loved but me not so much} mattress for 7 or so years now, so it's time y'all!

We went big and bold last time with gorgeous green shantung silk drapery panels and a green upholstered bed, uber-traditional and super southern. What can I say? You can take the girl out of Savannah but you can't take the Savannah out of the girl. But a decade into it, while you know I still love me some green big time, I'm wanting a white and bright refresh this time around. I want less color with the big things, and more in the textiles and art. I'll still have my collection of coastal art by my favorite artist Irene Sainz Mayo.

How amazing is that chandelier? I can't deny our trip to Jumby Bay inspired some of these choices, especially the chandy. Hello lover. These choices really fit our more traditional house, but don't feel fussy or outdated. My goal is relaxed but elegant, classic and traditional as is the style of our house, but fresh, modern and updated.

We go into much more detail on the bathroom side of things here in this post, but the plan is to buy lighting and shower fixtures + faucets, and all the non-pretty like plumbing valves and have them ready to roll. Good trades are usually booked solid, but since we're planning for a late start this year, I'm hoping scheduling will not be an issue. If you're doing the same, I talk all about that here (and yes, it can be just as difficult for a designer to find one too).

I thought for a hot minute that I would pull my favorite green into the shower tile, but staying light, white, and bright, especially in the bathroom, will be a lot more homebuyer friendly, and I do love that look anyway. We're thinking we'll be letting go of this house in five years or less, so this is a worthwhile investment in our daily enjoyment of the house, but also for the next person who moves in.

What's your favorite detail from our inspiration and design boards? Let me know below in the comments!


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