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Our Rhode Island Wedding Weekend Recap

Wedding Weekend in Rhode Island Recap by Nancy Lane Interiors

I'm still on cloud nine from our whirlwind Labor Day weekend in Rhode Island to celebrate my friend Blair and her new husband Mat! My kids jokingly referred to this as the Kennedy wedding, and boy did they do it up in true New England fashion!

Wedding Weekend in Rhode Island Recap by Nancy Lane Interiors

We had a full year's notice to prep for this wedding, and neither of us had ever been to Rhode Island, so we had plenty of time to research the many hotels the happy couple suggested for their guests.

We decided on the Graduate Hotel in Providence because of it's funky style, and it did not disappoint. Look at all the color, textures, and pattern and of course who can miss that clam shell chandelier - different and stunning!

Wedding Weekend in Rhode Island Recap by Nancy Lane Interiors

This hotel was previously the Biltmore, and the new owners redesigned their line of hotels in college towns to reflect the culture of the neighboring university in each city. That red sofa was fabulous and fun, and I just loved the playfulness of all of the spaces in our suite!

Red accents seem to be a theme with us during this trip, because look at what they gave us at the car rental...

Wedding Weekend in Rhode Island Recap by Nancy Lane Interiors

Not the SUV we reserved that for sure. ha! They couldn't have a picked a car more unlike the two of us than this bright red Dodge Charger, but hey, what a story and good time! It's a little Miami Vice, am I right?

The hubs and I are both from coastal areas in the South, but New England coastal was a totally different and exciting vibe. We did a little walking tour the night we got in and met the ladies for dinner before all of the festivities began on Saturday. If you're new around here, I met this stellar group of ladies back in 2020 at a design business conference and we have stayed in touch on pretty much a daily basis since then. We've been to several markets together but this is the first no work, social only gathering since then and it was the best. weekend. ever.

Wedding Weekend in Rhode Island Recap by Nancy Lane Interiors
Sue, Christina, Julia, Judi, Blair the bride, Krissy, Madi, moi, Lauren, Elizabeth, and Ashley

Game Day festivities didn't begin until 2pm, so the early risers of our group met for breakfast and went off to the Providence Mall to grab a few more options for the all white game day outfits. I think we did pretty well, right?

Wedding Weekend in Rhode Island Recap by Nancy Lane Interiors
me silently wishing I had paid more attention during the volleyball portion of high school gym class

Their property was absolutely stunning with luscious fields. They mowed large areas for the volleyball courts, croquet, badminton, and corn hole and of course there were picture perfect vignettes at every turn...

Wedding Weekend in Rhode Island Recap by Nancy Lane Interiors

plus quaint buildings that were postcard picture perfection...

The weather all weekend was as if they had sent an order to God in the heavens above for the bluest skies, whitest clouds, and most perfect weather possible. Honestly, I don't think it could have been better than what we had all weekend!

Wedding Weekend in Rhode Island Recap by Nancy Lane Interiors

That big, white tent above had tons of tables set up for, wait for all out clam and lobster bake! After we had our fill of games, we surely had our fill of seafood!

Wedding Weekend in Rhode Island Recap by Nancy Lane Interiors

Can you tell we're excited? Oh my goodness, SO DELICIOUS!!

Wedding Weekend in Rhode Island Recap by Nancy Lane Interiors

Bibs and all, here we are in gluttonous glory enjoying our drinks and seafood feast. Never ones to leave a designer friend in the lurch on a big installation day, we all stayed at the end of the game day festivities to help move the setup to another nearby tent for the reception, then Blair and her team shooed us away while they worked their magic for a wedding day final reveal. The rest of us went back to the hotel and may or may not have stayed up way late reveling with our group! #allegedly We all were wondering, how could they top today at the actual wedding?! Oh, let me show you how...

Wedding Weekend in Rhode Island Recap by Nancy Lane Interiors

The wedding was in the afternoon, so we had another fantastic breakfast and a leisurely morning together walking around Providence. Promptly at two we met at our designated spot outside our hotels where guests were picked up to be ferried in old trolley cars back to the farm.

Once we stepped off the trolley, we waited briefly here before jumping in golf carts to be driven across the fields. Truly no detail was left undone. This pretty little table had a basket of heel protectors for the ladies just in case.

We were dropped off by the carts here where we were immediately met with delicious spritzers...

Wedding Weekend in Rhode Island Recap by Nancy Lane Interiors

...before heading down a hand laid wooden plank walkway path through the grass to the gorgeous grove where the ceremony took place.

I don't think Blair has shared any photos yet so I'm not going to post pictures of the actual wedding itself. I will share that one of the couple's friends said this was the kind of wedding that made you love your spouse more, and I think everybody there that weekend felt that way. The sweetest part of the ceremony, apart from their handwritten vows to each other, was when the officiant read words of advice from each member of the wedding party to Blair and Mat. I wish that I had a recording of their advice but my takeaway was don't take a single day for granted, or each other for that matter, and love with all your heart. It made you believe in love for everyone, and made me thankful for the relationship I have.

We clean up nice, y'all. Bravo Andy could have another hit on his hands following this crew around. #ladiesofdesignmustwatchtv

Had to take some photos at cocktail hour and the delicious assortment they had put together for all of us to feast upon while they were taking wedding photos!

Remember the details I mentioned? Our seating chart for the sit down dinner came in the form of a glass of champagne with a labeled ribboned tag. *Chef's kiss*

Blair's tablescapes were incredible, and the twinkle lights were fabulous as the night grew darker...

There was a perfect blend of elegance and the wildness of natural elements everywhere you looked, plus a local feel to so much of the reception, including these arrangements! Blair has impeccable taste as I'm sure you would agree.

In the photo above to the right, just above the bar you see a sliver of's a closeup...#nofilter I mean, how dreamy is their farm??

There was no bad view to be found anywhere.

Their dessert station was amazing as well!

A live band is always a good idea for a wedding and this one was stellar! We met the main performer earlier and knew she was going to set the place on fire with her amazing voice. She did not disappoint. They definitely got me and everyone else on the dance floor!

Now, something you might not know about me. I'm the one who doesn't leave the dance floor once I've gotten out there. My poor husband, God bless him, humors me on the dance floor and stays close by even if he isn't a huge fan of shaking his groove thing, BUT together I'd say this night we definitely kept up with these youngsters. So much so that one of the husbands in our group, Kenny, came up to us in the middle of a song and brought us water.

I said to my hubs, I think Kenny's worried about us old folk. And my husband said "they may be 25 years younger, but we can still hang with them...{long pause}...for a day." Thanks for looking out for us, Kenny! You should know that we started training for our next design group reunion. #Miami2023 #BadBunnyFloRidaReunion

It may not shock you to know that our group closed down the dance floor and the tent for the night, and took the last shuttle back to the hotel. It was an absolutely love-filled weekend and I am still overflowing with gratitude and love for everyone I was able to spend time with throughout those few days! I'm pretty sure I told everyone at our table that I loved them out loud and repeatedly...because I do. If there's anything I've learned over the last couple of years, losing some incredible friends, our beautiful niece, and most recently my mom, I know that life is so very short. So don't sit it out when you can dance, sing whenever the mood strikes, and never pass up the opportunity to share your heart and your feelings with people you love. Life is not a dress rehearsal.

Congratulations again to Blair and Mat - and enjoy this little video of their ceremony sendoff! Wishing you both years and years of golden memories together!


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