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Spring has Sprung! My Favorite Gardening Stores + Products

Savannah inspired garden by Houston interior design firm Nancy Lane Interiors.

Here in Houston, we've been enjoying the loveliest of spring time weather. Normally it's hot or hotter outside, but these last few weeks have been just heavenly, even with the high pollen count that has so many, myself included, in a tizzy. While allergy sufferers normally try to avoid the outdoors, I've spent the last two weekends in my yard weeding, tilling, trimming and transplanting and loving every minute of it.

If gardening comes up in client conversations, and they tell me they mow the lawn in a big rectangle until they get to the middle of the lawn, I know they're my kind of people. If you're just as excited for the change of season, and want to work on your own garden or landscaping, I'm sharing my favorite Houston shops and products below!

Modern traditional dining room featuring parquet top dining table by Houston interior design firm Nancy Lane Interiors.


One of my favorite hidden gems in Houston: If you're local to Houston and love to garden, you're welcome in advance. They have all kind of gardening accoutrement as well as bird feeders, tools, lawn and soil amendments as well as herbs, vegetables, and flowers. My tip is to go often and go early. They often have veggies and some flowers but they go quick.

Another local hidden gem is Tall Plants. I love that they're family owned and operated, very kind and very knowledgeable. They have a great selection of guess what, tall plants, plus orchids, and containers. They introduced me years ago to a fantastic looking, easy to care for house plant, Dracaena Janet Craig (and to help me remember the name, a little joke about how she's the cousin to Jenny Craig, if you're a child of the 70s or 80s you'll get that reference) that I've used in multiple client projects as you can see.


One of my favorite product lines is Microlife. I bought a fifty pound bag of this one and my garden is loving life. My master gardener friend Rena turned me onto this brand a few years back, introducing me to this liquid gold, which you mix with water and apply according to directions. It looks like you can score Microlife on Amazon if you're not local to Houston and want to pick it up as well!

My long time running mate and fellow green thumb gardener aficionado, Laura, turned me onto Gardeners Magic a few years ago and honestly, my flower beds and back gardens have never looked so good.

According to the manufacturers website, this is a mix of black humus, soil conditioner, composted rice hulls and chicken litter. I don't care what it's in it really, it is magic and it makes my plants, and thereby me, very happy indeed. They carry it at Southwest Fertilizer here in Houston but in case you're not local, look at your local garden center and see if you can find similar ingredients in their selections.

Modern transitional dining room featuring custom wine bottle storage, custom dining chairs, and gorgeous Ralph Lauren chandelier by Houston interior design firm Nancy Lane Interiors.

I spy this cool white geometric patterned container that we scored at Tall Plants in the corner! I could get lost shopping for plants and planters for hours (and have before frequently). Other favorites include Buchanan's and New Roots in the Heights and Wabash Feed Store.

Modern traditional dining room featuring parquet top dining table by Houston interior design firm Nancy Lane Interiors.

If you have any products or special shops to share with your fellow garden lovers, feel free to leave them in the comments below. What are you planning to plant this season - your tried and true perennials, or maybe something different?



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