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Summer Loving {Clothing Edition}

The Texas temperatures and my first High Point market in two years called for a few wardrobe upgrades this month, and I thought I'd pass along my best finds for you if you're also looking for some new pieces for your closet! I bet a lot of you are looking for some easier, flowy pieces that can transition us all out of sweats and the same work-from-home outfits over and over again #guilty. I don't know if you'll agree but here at Nancy Lane Interiors, we are way past caring wearing what's trendy...we care about not being comfortable - comfort first, and then it should be cute!

I'll admit I wasn't a fan of linen clothing until this lovely button-up shirt came into my life just before High Point. Linen breathes, so it not only kept me feeling cool running around market, but also will get a lot of use running around Houston with the boys and their activities. The little gather on the shoulders and the cuffed arms make it a bit more stylish than a standard linen shirt too!

Meet my new favorite jean...seriously, they fit spectacularly and I even had to size down. I mean come on - what's not to love! I'm stoked that straight leg jeans are back in style - I'm hoping they stick around for a good long while.

I took a chance on these fun camo sneakers and bought them specifically for High Point... happy to report they didn't need a breaking in period! Nope, no blisters and smooth walking. Winner winner chicken dinner. I may need other colors. #allegedly

I bought this shirt from Nordstrom last year and loved it so much I went back this year to order a back up. Does any one else do that?? I can't tell you how fast I run back to a store if I absolutely love a piece of clothing. And shoes - forget about it, I'm buying them in every available color!!

I was a bit surprised by the fabric change on this shirt. This year the cloth is more sheer for sure, but I wear a black camisole underneath and I am not bothered by the sheerness of it at all. I have to add that the fabric is light and in this Texas heat, that is a very welcoming thing.


I'm not a big fan of dresses. Well, let me correct that. I love dresses. LOVE them I do. But since I was a little girl I've had what I used to call crazy skin until we met THE BEST dermatologist in the world who helped my youngest son with what she called "special skin" so now that's the term I prefer to use. My special skin flares with psoriasis, and my baby has eczema. I know that may be TMI for some, but I put it out there in case anyone reads this and has suffered with their own special skin issues. Just know you are not alone and there is help. I searched for 13 years for him and found it just recently and in doing that have helped my own skin.

Now we take you back to your regularly scheduled program...dresses. So at High Point, or any regular work day really, I prefer to wear nice jeans or pants and a nice top. I wear comfortable shoes rather than's just who I am. I see other designers out about in town in showrooms, rocking skirts and dresses with heels and they look fantastic but as a runner, I know the heels would be my downfall. Literally.

Let me tell you at High Point, the ladies were ROCKING the cutest dresses ever. I don't know if it was because it was the first big market since shutdown last spring or what, but I tell you, my design peep and market travel buddy April and I were not afraid to stop people to find out where their outfits were from. You're welcome. I don't know if this will shock you but more times than not, ladies were rocking dresses from....drum roll please....say it with me....with your best French accent, Target.

This lovely dress just arrived yesterday in the mail for moi. Tip: I ordered two sizes and took one's definitely a generous fit and I might have it taken in a bit, but it's gorgeous.

I saw this dress in orange and in stripes on different looked so high end in person. If you can rock a one shoulder, this dress is for you!

Of course, back at the hotel every night, April and I were on our phones looking for's my favorite find from Target that can be dressed up or down with some shoes and jewelry, and a little hairdo action!

Finally, I'll leave you with the most expensive dress we saw on someone at market. I guess I've been under a rock because I'd never heard of this brand before, but I'm going to chalk it up to not wearing or looking to wear dresses for at least the last five years #specialskin. Alas, we kept running into this one lady around town and she had on this gorgeous concoction, and was kind enough to share that it was Sue Sartor. I've been loving block print everything lately and this dress is simply stunning.

I have to say that it reminds me of Emerson Frye, who I've been a fan of for years since she first started her bespoke line back in my early blogging days (on my old blog). Note all of her clothes are made to order and quantities are limited, but if you are in need of some fun, colorful travel clothes for the summer, I'd run and check her out here.

Here are a few more things I've picked up over the last few months linked down below! Everything has passed my comfort test, and I'm open to questions if you're wanting some real life reviews before you take the plunge. Leave me a comment below if you do, and share any of your summer finds too! Inquiring minds want to know!


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