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Thanksgiving Recipes That Are Always a Hit!

We're in the home stretch of Thanksgiving planning (at least for you multi-tasking moms out there - the juggling is real), and I thought I'd share some of our family's favorites if you need some ideas, or want to try something new with your folks this year! These are great for potlucks or Friendsgiving celebrations as well, so take these along to the grocery store on the Thanksgiving planning haul shopping day, and watch everyone collapse on the couch with groans of fullness!

Our dear funny friend who just passed away shared this with us just last year and we all agreed it would be a staple on our table was so good.

Favorite Family Holiday Recipes by Nancy Lane Interiors

Growing up my mom insisted each of my four sisters and I pick a dish that we were responsible for preparing on Thanksgiving Day. Somehow I ended up with green bean casserole as my side dish and I wouldn't have it any other way now...give me cheese and fried onions on top of a veggie any day, I'm in...

Favorite Family Holiday Recipes by Nancy Lane Interiors

This next recipe was passed down through my husband's large Italian family and was a tightly held secret. It was always a treat when my mother in law would make it and thankfully she taught our boys how to make it before she passed away last year.

Favorite Family Holiday Recipes by Nancy Lane Interiors

I hope you have a wonderful, festive Thanksgiving this year surrounded by the people you love. We'll be missing friends and family who are no longer with us but they'll definitely be remembered especially as we prepare a couple of the recipes above. I'm sure we'll tell old stories and reminisce about the good old days....and be thankful for all the blessings in our lives because like my dad always says...every day is a great day. #it'sallaboutyourmindset

Do you have any favorite recipes that you turn to every year? Or is this the year you try something new? Let us know in the comments!


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