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The Key to Successful Interior Design Projects

Ever wondered if there was a key to successful interior design projects? Our answer: Most definitely! In our experience, there are a few key things that ensure that a design project will move smoothly and result in a space that you love so much. You probably will not surprised to hear that it's what you need in your long term relationships too - honesty, communication, trust, and respect. Take a peek at how these attributes play out in the design process, and how you can be the best kind of client in regard to these things!

Stunning media room in our Modern Texas Transitional Whole House Project by Houston interior design firm Nancy Lane Interiors.

The Key(s) to Successful Interior Design Projects

Communication Makes or Breaks It

If you're going to hire an expert, you need to trust that expert, and part of that trust is communication. I always use the analogy with clients that we're in a tennis game - we hit the ball over the net to you, and you hit it back to us within 24-48 hours, and back and forth and back and forth as we progress through the project. If you never hit the ball back to us, we can't take action, and the project will stall. Not to mention that prices and availability fluctuate so much these days, and missing that email or meeting might result in spending more money than necessary or losing out on a piece you really loved!

Long Term Projects + Relationships Require Trust

Just like any relationship, we value honesty in all facets of a project. If you're ever unhappy with anything, tell us. If anything ever doesn't feel right, or you feel that we're not understanding your thoughts about something, we have to talk through that! You hire us to be your design experts and guide you through the design process, but no one is a mind reader.

There are SO many options out in the world, so you are not offending anyone if you don't like something in your design plan - we will find a new option (maybe more)! We're here to create the right home for you - and only you are in charge of what that ultimately looks like. We have to be able to trust that you'll tell us what you think every step of the way - that's how the most successful projects come through!

Respect Runs Both Ways

Like many of you do in your own careers and home life, you're playing multiple tennis games of sorts using the same analogy as above, hitting balls back and forth constantly at work and home, and I know myself and my team can handle our project load because I'm a multitasker and master planner at heart. I'm a mom of multiples after all. I got this!

But if you suddenly drop out of communication for weeks, you have to remember that we are still working with other clients and in a rhythm with their project timelines. If you suddenly reappear and expect all the attention on your project, that is not respecting me, my team, our time, nor our other clients. I'm here for all of the busy professionals I work with, and figuring out how we can effectively communicate from the beginning is crucial to knowing if we will mesh throughout our project together.

If you prefer to be hands off and really trust us to put it all together, I know that we won't meet as often. If you really need to be part of the process and approve each fabric or piece of furniture as they're chosen, I know we will email more regularly and meet in person more often than other clients. Both ways, and any combination of that, are perfectly fine - but mutual respect for each other's schedules and communication from the beginning is the only way we get there.

Gorgeous black and white kitchen, breakfast area, and snippets of the living room in our Modern Texas Transitional Whole House Project by Houston interior design firm Nancy Lane Interiors.

We all take your projects very seriously - this isn't just a fun hobby we delve into every once in awhile. We are professionals that strive hard to create a home that you love and can live in with confident ease every day, and we will be in your life for potentially a few months to years during the life of your design project. Communication, trust, and respect are absolutely required for us to create something beautiful and functional for you during that time.

If you're ready to transform your home from mood board to reality, let's chat! Reach out to schedule a call and talk through what you're looking for and how we can help you love where you live!

The Key to Successful Interior Design Projects by Nancy Lane Interiors


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