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Thinking About Going Green? Take a Look at our {Current} Favorites

Design by Jean Stoffer

The older I get, the more unabashed I am about what I love, and anybody who knows me knows I love me some green, even new clients see my phone case and car and guess that it's a favorite. It is indeed and I make no exceptions when it comes to paint colors. ha! I have no doubt that my love of all things green comes from summers spent at my grandmother's house in the deep South, with her yard full of green, leafy hydrangeas, and a front porch with chippy green rocking chairs and porch swing. Growing up in Savannah we were surrounded by pine trees and luscious green marsh on the coastal waterways, not to mention the hints of glorious greens found in the historic district.

Among the 20k+ photos in my phone, I have a collection of photos of chippy green antique doors, taken from travels around the world but with origins in Savannah. You can take the girl out of the South, but you can't take the South out of the girl.

Someone who shares my love of old chippy doors and the color green itself, is also one of my favorite fellow interior designers, Jean Stoffer. She described our mutual love best when she said “Green has always been a favorite color...It evokes nature in all its shades.” If you're looking for some inspiration to take the leap into the green paint world, look no further! I have compiled a few favorites from my internet design friends, and some from our own projects to show you that it can be done well!

While I definitely prefer darker, more intense shades when it comes to color, you'll see from my list below that when it comes to green, any shade goes in my book. BM Peale Green is my current obsession, seen here in this gorgeous kitchen by Jenna Sue Design...

We selected Sherwin Williams Vogue Green for this still in progress laundry room. Excuse the iPhone photo -professional photography to follow! I cannot WAIT to show you this whole house renovation project. It's amazeballs, if I do say so myself...

Evergreen Fog SW 9130 is Sherwin Williams color of the year for 2022, much to my delight. It's a muted green with a tinge of gray that I think adds warmth and character without being an in-your-face green, as you can see in this luscious powder room by Jean Stoffer.

Another favorite is Farrow and Ball's French Gray. To me it reads more green with gray undertone, rather than the other way around, as seen in this dining room seating nook by Cathy Kincaid Interiors. Tomato, Tomatoe.

Some might shy away from going dark green, but in this teen boys room, we weren't afraid at all. As you can see, it is sun filled and completely able to handle the bold color we used (Benjamin Moore's Essex Green) while enriching the warmth of the walnut bed.

I hope you are inspired to branch out and try a green for a space in your home! Depending on the tone, it can absolutely be a neutral, or a bold choice like the bedroom above.

Do you have a favorite green paint you'd like to share? Leave a comment below!


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