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5 Ways to Refresh Your Mind, Body, and Wardrobe this Spring

A few weeks ago, I shared 5 Spring Refresh Ideas to Revitalize Your Home and while writing that post, I found myself including things that I recently had been buying or using for my {personal} self on a quest to refresh for spring. Now I realize that this is mainly an interior design blog so I took them out of the original post but I have a funny feeling you might appreciate what I have to say so here we go with a separate post.

NLI Blog Post 5 ways to refresh your mind, body, and wardrobe this spring by Houston interior designer Nancy Lane Interiors.   Photo by Madeline Harper Photography
me photobombing a snap being taken by Madeline Harper Photography

5 Ways to Refresh Your Mind, Body, and Wardrobe this Spring

Sugar Reset

One of the best things I've done for myself recently was something I kind of can't believe I actually did. It wasn't easy but it wasn't the hardest thing I've ever done either. After the holidays and traveling for work, I found myself dragging energy wise. The more I thought about it, I decided to try a five day fasting program that I'd first heard of more than a year ago. I read the scientific studies and all the literature I could get my hands on during that time and filed it away in my brain until after a trip I made in February. I got home, still high on a sweet tea sugar buzz, feeling sluggish and immediately ordered it as a reset for all the sugar in my system.

I completed the five day program late last month and I have to tell you I feel fantastic. You know I'm 100% committed when I followed the instructions to a T and drank one cup of black coffee per day. I didn't drink my three normal cups, rather only one and THAT ONE WITHOUT CREAMER WHICH IS HUGE FOR ME. It probably wouldn't surprise you if I told you that I like my coffee a specific color. ha. Not too light, not too dark but more of a medium beige tan. I'm super proud of myself. While I did weigh myself before and after (I'm more than 6 pounds down), MOST importantly I feel so much better. I don't routinely weigh myself but prefer to rather go by how I FEEL and how my clothes fit. I'm back to eating "normally" and back to my cream + coffee although I have not gotten on the scale since, my clothes feel better and so do I.

While on the program, I won't lie. I did actually sometimes feel hungry but I'd grab water or whatever the program called for on the particular day (they include an insert that tells you what items to eat or drink and when, and everything is in the kit). Typically when I got hungry, it was exactly time to eat, so I'd eat and be fine. I liked 90% of the soup flavors I ordered in my kit and I really enjoyed the breakfast bar (I ordered more after the reset). I wish I could buy the teas and the choco treat bar but sadly those are not available for separate purchase, only in the reset kits.

For me personally, a girl who likes a schedule and a flowchart, I liked the program a lot and will keep it in mind when I need a reset (they have a one day reset as well). I know people are going to ask... google Prolon to read more about it and see the literature and data yourself. Day 1 is 1200 calories and the others are like 700 to 800 and I'm here to tell you that it is nothing to play around with especially if you have underlying medical issues. I did consult my doctor before hand and so should you if you think you are interested, don't do it because of anything I say here. I'm just sharing my experience with it.

NLI Blog Post 5 ways to refresh your mind, body, and wardrobe this spring by Houston interior designer Nancy Lane Interiors.   Photo by Nancy Lane Interiors
Me climbing up from an underground "room" in a tree trunk in the Galapagos last summer.

You've Got to Move It, Move It

Over the last few years (since the pandemic really), my workout routines have changed and for various reasons. I'm sure you can relate. I used to run no matter the weather, but as I've gotten older, I just don't feel like running in the rain or cold (32 is my current cut off temp). Last year I had three minor surgeries to fix some issues I'd been having physcially. Instead of beating myself up about how I wasn't running like I used to, I instead gave myself the grace to recover fully. I walked most days when I could and increased from 2 to 3, the number of days I did Pilates and hand weights. My goal was just keeping moving in some way, shape or form and really it still is.

NLI Blog Post 5 ways to refresh your mind, body, and wardrobe this spring by Houston interior designer Nancy Lane Interiors.

What I have noticed since my recent sugar reset is that I've had a hankering to really run again. But again, I give myself grace enough to know that I may not be as fast as I once was, I do know myself enough to know that I can go the distance and I like a challenge. Enter my newest obsession:

NLI Blog Post 5 ways to refresh your mind, body, and wardrobe this spring by Houston interior designer Nancy Lane Interiors.   Photo courtesy of Nordic Track.

It's the Nordic Track EXP 10i and I am in love. I knew I wanted a compact treadmill but also one that adjusts to an incline and this one does, up to 12%. But I have to tell you, the best part is something that I thought I didn't want or use. It came with a 30 day iFit Trial which are trainer led video workouts where the machine adjusts on its own to the speed and incline set by the trainer but you can also dial it up or down according to your own specific needs. I thought for sure I'd drop the iFit like it was hot, but I've kept it going. When you first join you can decide what types of workouts you want to do - whether its walking, running, hiking, beginner, intermediate, advanced, short lengths, long lengths, you do you. I started out with a walking tour of Lake Como in Italy plus Venice. This week I'm climbing volcanoes in Chile with my trainer Anna Maria, and I am having a ball doing it.

I would recommend paying the extra $200 to get it delivered to your room of choice and set up for you. To me, it was worth every penny because I had it delivered upstairs. Also, I don't know if this works every time but originally I had the 7i version in my cart as I was debating which one to get. I got a pop up on my computer saying, hey, if you want to try the 10i instead of the 7i you can save $200 off now. So I did, and I did. It has a slightly larger screen and my eyes are happy plus that savings offset the white glove delivery so there you go.

Love yourself deeply, madly, truly

That's one of the most lovely parts about being in my fifties, is truly loving myself exactly as I am. Now that I'm typing that, I realize I probably should have led with that statement above as #1 because it took me such a long time to get here but here I am none the less and I don't think women say that enough. I refuse to judge myself based on what others think about me or what numbers appear on the scale but if something doesn't feel right in my life or in my body, it's up to me to try to make changes to make it right, right? Hence the first two entries above. I think I've shared either in a blog post or in my monthly newsletter, that I was in therapy for a while two years ago to deal with overwhelming grief after a friend's suicide.

I mention it again here because there is nothing more loving than realizing you need help and asking for it so whether you reach out to a friend, or loved one, or a professional, please know that we all need help to process things sometimes and I want to say it here again that there is NO SHAME in reaching out for help or professional guidance when you need it AND if you feel a friend may benefit from it, please do not hesitate to say something. You might be afraid that they might be mad at you or not be your friend if you say something to them about getting help but that's a nonnegotiable for me personally now, if I see something amiss, I will say something.

As long as I'm being completely open here, and this may be a spotlight moment for some but for those of you out there who may be in the same boat as me, I'll put it out there. I am in the last stages of perimenopause and let's just say strange things happen that can only be explained as hormonally related, or rather things I NOW know are. Apologies if that's TMI but come on, it's life and if you have a uterus you're gonna go through it too. I could write a whole separate blog on the fun times I'm having riding this now decade long rollercoaster but who knows if this will even resonate so I'll tread lightly until I hear more from you in the comments. Until you know, you don't know what you dont know, you know? All the ladies above 40, I heard you saying amen sister in the back. ;) Under 40? You might think of this post one day when things happen in your body, you think you're losing your mind and you don't understand why. My motto for this stage of life I'm in: No woman left behind. We've gotta love and support one another and ourselves.

All of this to say, no matter what your age and no matter where you are in life or in your body, please please please, accept yourself, love yourself, praise yourself, for where you are, where you've been, and where you're going. It's never too late to chase a new dream, start a new career, try a new hobby, change your mindset, improve your health or your mind, whatever you want to do in life. You only get one life and tomorrow is not promised to anyone.

Take Care of the Skin You're In

Since my 20s, I've tried hard to take care of the skin I'm in. I admittedly did a lot of sunbathing as a teen. Oof, who remembers rubbing baby oil or suntan lotion on, and actually laying out in the hopes of catching color while under the harsh rays. Guilty and not proud of it. Now I slather on sunscreen before I leave my house like there's no tomorrow along with a couple of other fan-favorites or should I say "Nan-(cy) favs"

And since we're talking about skin, don't forget about your feet. Sandal weather is coming, if not already here, depending on where you live, and if you are planning to be in a pair or barefoot to boot, consider getting this callus remover. Don't judge me, but during our recent renovation I could not find the charger for mine so I ordered a second one. #sorrynotsorry Yes, it's that good. You're welcome. ;)

What to Wear

You may want to sit down for this - this Saturday, March 23, there's a big collab hitting stores that you may or may not be prepared for, so here's your warning. Diane von Furstenburg is coming to Target. Yes, I said Target.

You can see clothing and accessories here, her home collection here and the entire DVF + Target collab here. I'm hoping to score one or both of the wrap dresses above.

If you beat me to Target Saturday or partake of any of these suggestions, please let me know what you get and how you like them! As always, thank you for being here. I appreciate you.

NLI Blog Post 5 ways to refresh your mind, body, and wardrobe this spring by Houston interior designer Nancy Lane Interiors.

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