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Thankful for the Ride

Nancy Lane Interiors blog post "Thankful for the Ride"

I've been listening to Anderson Cooper's podcast on grief lately, and especially resonated with the Stephen Colbert episode regarding the loss of his brother decades ago.

Stephen spoke so eloquently about trying to find the gift among the grief, and clarified how you would never want for the bad thing, losing a loved one, to happen. You hope you could wish it away and make it unhappen and make these people not die. But bottom line is it happened, and they're gone. But you have to look for the gift, something to be thankful for, somewhere amid the rumblings of grief and sadness.

Nancy Lane Interiors blog post "Thankful for the Ride"

My heart hurts painfully, physically in fact, since the loss of both my parents. I know it's life and it happens, especially at their age. And I know I have to get used to holidays, days in general, without them. But all that teaches me is to love on my people that much harder when we're all together, and insist on connection, rather than devices or distractions throughout the day.

Losing them has made me really look deeply at all of the relationships in my life, and whether the time and energy I pour into them is valued and reciprocated. That applies to personal relationships with family and friends as well as clients and business associates and letting go of people who don't fall into that category has released so much more energy for the people who do.

Nancy Lane Interiors blog post "Thankful for the Ride"

Nobody is promised tomorrow. Be thankful for the ride, with all of its curves, climbs, U-turns, and long meandering paths. I'm learning to look for the gift of any situation, especially in the midst of hard times. I believe God is growing you in these moments, and He for sure is growing me now.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and your loved ones. Hug 'em tight and let them know how much you love them!

Nancy Lane Interiors blog post "Thankful for the Ride"


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