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A New Studio For Me {and More Sanity for my Family}

All of this time at home has taught everyone in our family how important our own spaces are, and I am so excited to say I am in the final buying stages for furniture for my DEDICATED STUDIO!!

I've been outgrowing my home office for a while now. I think the final straw for my sweet husband was when my samples started overflowing from my current office area to the living room, then the dining room, and finally into his office. Sorry honey, but it's really a good thing really. Think of it as a growth indicator. ha! I am also beyond excited to now be able to create a clear division between work and home life.

Here’s a sneak peek at my plan and what I’m doing to make everything as multi-functional as possible. This is my initial concept board (something I do for every client project to get a sense of how things will look together)...

Nancy Lane Interiors | New Studio

My new studio is not a big space at 500 square feet, but I'm happy to have it and you can bet I’m taking advantage of every inch of this room! White work tables on casters can double as desks for my team. The sample closet alone is going to make this space such a workhorse, and I have been having a ball making labels and figuring out how to organize all of my fabric, tile, and wallpaper samples in the best way ie letting my OCD run free...more on that another day.

Deep green and blue hues have always had a special place in my heart. I like to think that came from my childhood home of Savannah, and the coastal marshes I spent so much time in and around. You’ll see these colors repeated in the artwork, the gorgeous green desk I scored a few years ago, the deep blue shagreen dresser, and more than likely in the pillows I'm waiting to finalize once the furniture is here.

Nancy Lane Interiors | New Studio

The sofa I selected is also a multi-functional piece! I went for a modular option so I could choose the fill for each cushion, which means any clients can sit test here in the studio and know easily what seat type works best for them! One piece will have standard foam while the others will have memory foam and feather down inserts to compare to.

Nancy Lane Interiors | New Studio

The touch of rust in the terracotta lamps and leather office chair add just the right touch of warmth, and make this space completely mine and completely on brand (note the colors to the left on the first concept board)! Stay tuned in the coming weeks to see everything come together. I've been collecting artwork to display on the walls...some of my favorite pieces from my own home and others are fabulous finds from when I'm out and about. That's the Libra in me who loves all things beautiful and has a hard time saying no to pieces I love, even if I have no idea at the time where I'll put them! This is going to work out well for clients who will soon be able to see and shop my favorite finds in person! I think you'll agree with me that this new studio space is a win win for, my family and my dear clients.


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