My Office Reveal

Do you remember our design plan for my new office? We have had to wait quite a long time to get every piece in (and we're still waiting on a few things!) but I just couldn't wait to reveal how that design plan came to life! This new office space had to function for every day work, but also function as a showroom with functional pieces that can demonstrate our design aesthetic, how we style, and the great quality of our vendors and our trusted workrooms. Get ready to enter the physical manifestation of my brain seen in the photos below!

As much I love this dresser for its color and the delicious shagreen texture as we enter the office, it's actually hiding aaaall of the wallpaper and fabric samples you could possibly imagine! Well, in addition to the jam packed sample closet we have - you can never have enough samples! I love mixing the functional use of an object with something that makes me smile, and this little corner does just that. Other loved details to beloved peacock mirror and my favorite Nest candle. Even though this one has never been lit, its yummy fragrance wafts through the space as someone walks by. #dreamy

Something to note if you're looking to place a larger piece of furniture in a space - make sure you trace the pathway you would take to actually put that piece into the room, and measure twice to make sure it will be able to be transported. We have a narrow outdoor staircase to get to this room, and everything we purchased for this space had to pass this test!

This sofa is an example of a piece that we needed to carefully consider for size. We chose a modular option that could be installed in pieces because of our restrictions outside. A bonus of this sectional sofa is that we chose a standard fill and a gel cushion insert to give visiting clients a true representation of what their custom seating would feel like. We also have a feather insert we can rotate in as our third option as well!

I am an avid collector of art and I always have been, so I knew I wanted the office to house some of my collected favorites. I took the opportunity to showcase different framing options from our custom framer! Stay tuned later in February for a more in depth discussion on the special art pieces I have in this space.

We also took the opportunity to use custom French rods and custom drapery to showcase our workroom's impeccable stitching and craftsmanship. Layered with natural grass shades, these drapery panels are a beautiful great soft, textural addition to the office!

The green desk is my go to work surface when I'm heavy in laptop tasks. Perched proudly above is the perfect spot for a recent purchase of mine...this amazing piece by Windy O'Connor, which is part of her Chica collection. I love color and was drawn to these types of paintings immediately. I call them warrior girls because, like every woman I know, we all have a story - stuff we spend a lifetime working through, who do so much for the world. To me, every color could be thought of as a layer of our personality, a wrinkle from too many smiles, an age spot to remind me every day is a gift, or a battle scar of life. If we all felt brave enough to tell our stories, to share what we've overcome as we make our way through this thing called life, well, what a better world this would be. I've shared parts of my story - on my old blog, on my Instagram, and some parts I'll never share least in writing. But here's the bottom line of what I do know:


Plain and simple, but oh so true. Nobody will ever convince me otherwise.

Maybe this is a poor explanation to you but this piece of art reminds me of that. It's important to have that reminder to look up and see throughout the day.

This area functions for my assistant's workstation and a working sample area as we're pulling design concepts together! A second white desk for this area arrived after these shots were captured which doubles as another computer station and part time drafting table. Also added linen covered pin boards and a new lucite calendar for the wall. What's still missing, different lamps to flank the sofa (#stockissuesthankstoCOVID), but for now, we're SO content with how the office is coming together!

How are you liking the office so far? We'd love to hear in the comments below!

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