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Color Trends in Bathrooms I Love

Modern transitional primary bathroom retreat by Houston interior designer Nancy Lane Interiors.
Design: Nancy Lane Interiors | Photo: French Blue Photography

We're working on a number of new kitchen and bath projects at the moment, and I wanted show you a few bathrooms as color inspiration for what to do in a room where we spend a lot more time than we actually think!

I have something for everyone, from the neutral lover to someone who wants to go bold in 2022, so have a look and let us know if you're planning a big bathroom remodel.


For my neutral lovers out there, this master bathroom we did just a few short years ago is a great example of staying neutral in color while adding interest through texture and finish selection.

Modern transitional primary bathroom retreat by Houston interior designer Nancy Lane Interiors.
Design: Nancy Lane Interiors | Photo: French Blue Photography

The herringbone pattern for the travertine flooring keeps the eye moving toward the beautiful bathtub, but is still a calming color. We blended the stain color on site until we fell in love with this particular warm but still neutral concoction for the custom wood vanity and sliding door. The warm tones of the wood and the gorgeous taupey wall color keep the room feeling grounded, while the reflective nature of the polished nickel mirrors and sconces keep the top half of the space light and bright.


When I was looking for inspiration last year for my own primary bathroom remodel, I stumbled on the photos below and stopped in my tracks. This bathroom is pretty much everything I'd had in mind for my own home. After all, you know my tag line is timeless and classic...with a twist.

I love how Shea McGee of Studio McGee went all out in her own home bathroom with a twist on a classic all white marble bathroom. The large mosaic pattern of the marble tile flooring, the mix of finishes with pops of gold and the two tone curtains behind the bathtub! LOVE. IT. ALL. The use of wood for beams overhead and the vanities add just right amount of warmth to this otherwise all white space. The twist of course is the use of a cooler gray countertop which to me adds just enough contrast to keep it interesting without overwhelming the space. Perfection.


If you want to be bold, I say go blue in your bathroom this year. Need a great example? Look no further than this my dears...

This bathroom is fierce and fearless...just like my friend designer Julia Miller of Yond Interiors. Her use of color and pattern never ceases to amaze and inspire me. Not only is this a bold color choice, but the mixing of patterning with the same exact tile is a fun, unique take on an elongated subway tile in the shower. #genius


We're planning to use a luscious lavender similar to this below in an upcoming bathroom ensuite for a growing teen. Honestly I don't know who is more excited about or her!

Side note: I'm seeing a trend in liking interesting flooring about you? #i'mallaboutthefloors

I know this color feels very bold and out there to some, but where else would you feel ok with taking a risk? Any other room might feel too large to go bold with color, but the bathroom is a great place to take a chance, experiment, and give yourself a shot at smiling every morning and night when you're executing your skin care routine, or taking a shower!

Is there a color you have been on the fence about trying? What's stopping you? Let us know in the comments! If you're ready to get going on a kitchen or bath project of your own, don't be shy...reach out here and let's get the renovation party started!


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