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Fall Favorites from the NLI Team

We are well into my birthday month and my favorite season, so I wanted to share my wish list and some current favorites in multiple categories! In fact, I opened it up to the team and we have some great finds in here, y'all! If you love fall and everything that comes with it, this post is for you!

Favorite Drink

I can't lie. I love coffee year round, all day, every day. What I put in my coffee has changed over the years...first, like my dad takes his, with Sweet n Low and milk, then to actual cream and sugar, and now I'm at no sugar, just cream please. Strange but true. Now that fall is here, I know friends who are so excited at the thought of pumpkin spice drinks. I never had the hankering for it myself until recently when I was traveling and on a whim got a pumpkin spice treat at the airport. Shockingly I loved it. Who knew? Not me but now that I do, I've added this "natural" coffee creamer to our fall rotation.

Favorite Sweaters

I'm counting down the days until sweater arrives here in Houston and, in the meantime, I'm lining up my faves for the wearing. This flare sleeve sweater has everything going for, texture, and it's made from recycled materials. Happy birthday to me!

Another staple that's on my list to add to the sweater rotation is this lovely everyday sweater by Jenni Kayne. It comes in five fabulous colorways, but I have to say I'm partial to dark camel.

One of the lovely ladies on my team also loves this half zip hoodie from Target so much! She got it in both the teal and cream, and sized down one size for a more fitted look. This is a great option for anyone who loves a v-neck but also loves the sweater coziness.

Favorite Color

I think you might have noticed a trend so far from the photo collection above. Drumroll favorite fall color is....bum da da dah.... what I think of as caramel or otherwise called camel! Think rich, warm light to medium tones much like cream in dark coffee, heavy on the cream (or a lot like latte).

Favorite Texture

Velvet. Hands down. Now don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of velvet all year round on pillows, upholstery, drapery panels, indeed. But come cooler weather, add a layer of velvet to your bed for a touchable texture that keeps you warm as well. This quilt set (seen above) comes in various sizes and colors, but check out the gorgeous cumin or olive green for the perfect pop of autumnal colors in your home.

Other Favorites

You know I love me some leopard! Update your favorite bag with this fun leopard print calf hair bag strap. It's super easy to clip on and off and gives your outfit a dash of sass!

Another team member just bought this set of felt trays in the stone color to organize jewelry on top of her dresser. The multiple sizes are great for organizing necklaces, rings, and earrings separately, but really can be used for anything!

She also loves these leather booties and their memory foam insole from Nisolo! She When I asked for her list of favorites she told me "the almond leather is the perfect match for my skin tone, so my legs look longer! And the lower front cut helps with that too!" I say if you got it, flaunt it! And Katherine's got it...she's a goddess.

I couldn't help myself - here a few more things I'm watching/sending to my hubby for a big hint! If you're hankering for some new fall staples, or even some splurges, hopefully you find a few you love in our list. Enjoy! Any fall favorites on your list? Send them my way! Inquiring minds want to know!

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