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Furnishing with No Regrets

Modern traditional living room by Houston interior designer Nancy Lane Interiors.

Furnishing your home is a big undertaking, filled with room for overwhelm, indecision, and high-cost investment pieces that you don't want to regret down the line.

Here's a cheat sheet of what you need to know to avoid making mistakes you'll regret in a few months or years:

Invest Where You Relax

Yes, this includes sofas, chairs, benches, and mattresses and bed frames. Proper weight support is vital to the longevity and comfort of a furniture piece, so it's definitely worth the splurge in this category.

Choose High Quality Materials

Solid wood construction will always outlast particle board, and unfortunately that is what many retail options use. A kiln-dried hardwood frame is your best bet when it comes to hearty construction that will last through the decades.

Modern transitional living room in the interior design studio of Houston interior designer Nancy Lane Interiors.

Choose Your Cushions Wisely

If you have back or neck issues like me, I always recommend doing memory foam inserts for chairs and sofas. A lot of people like the fluffiness of down filled cushions, but it will be a hot mess once you get up - every. single. time. While it's a matter of personal preference in the end, think it through first - are you willing to deal with the maintenance of down cushions? Some people really don't mind, but that's totally up to you!

Quality Upholstery & Fabric

It isn't as rare to find performance fabrics that are both comfortable and stain-resistant as it once was. Go for a solid neutral performance fabric on your big sofa or sectional, and play with pattern on soft goods such as pillows OR if you're big into bold, I love using pattern or more color on an accent chair or club chair that won't get nearly as much use.

Do you need guidance with furnishing your home?

We are scheduling now for full service design slots in 2024, so please contact us soon to snag your spot in our calendar!


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