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House in the 'Hood {003}

It's the third edition of my local real estate series here in Houston, and it's time for a contemporary house to peek into and see! If you didn't catch the last one, feel free to catch up here. That front gate is a great clue to the style you're about to walk into, but the house itself isn't a glaring standout within the neighborhood, which may or may not be a bad thing. Let's start the tour, shall we?

Once you make it through that first wrought iron gate, you walk into this enclosed courtyard lined with travertine. I'm seeing a great staging area for a big party, and a nice place to say hi or goodbye to guests. You're also getting a glimpse into the main living area from the courtyard - where's the party?!

The main formal living room and dining room are off to your left as you enter the front door. They nailed the contemporary style in the main pieces, but I wonder if maybe the agent told them to depersonalize the space for selling? I see so many opportunities to accessorize in these two rooms!

This is a great table for a big holiday dinner, and you can open those French doors right into the backyard as well. This is a prime space if you like to entertain or have big extended families to invite over for gatherings.

Now that brings us to the kitchen! Can you spot any appliances besides the range oven? Me either! They used top of the line Sub Zero and Wolf appliances, but they're all hidden behind the white cabinets along the walls on three sides! My OCD is loving this space.

Look at all the storage these cabinets provide! The refrigerator is in the middle, with pantry shelving flanking on both sides, and a full wine fridge next to a handy coat closet along the other side. I like the idea of clutter free kitchens, but the all white flat front cabinets feel a bit stark to me personally. Maybe sleek hardware would change my mind? The style makes sense for the entire look, but in practice and in my humble opinion, the solid one color cabinetry can lack some luster.

Just past the kitchen is the main living space that opens out to the backyard. This is another space that seemed to me to be depersonalized and a bit sparse in terms of furniture. There's quite a bit more room in both seating areas that are split by the back to back sofas, but I feel the urge right now to do an alternative floor plan as I type. #can'thelpit

If you or your partner have needed to rearrange for a work-from-home situation, take note that this home comes with a double office with plenty of storage for each person on the first floor. Note the vast grouping of picture frames here - here's where they opted to personalize.

There is also a guest suite on the first floor, complete with its own bathroom.

I'd be curious to see if there is a window out of frame for this room. Very calm and serene...I like it. The bathroom is pretty spectacular for a secondary...careful, your guests may never leave.

I do love how much the primary bedroom looks like a treehouse retreat with all the windows open! Plenty of space for a canopy bed and full seating area off to the side - I can see myself with a cup of coffee in hand sitting right there on that sofa.

Now this bathroom I can get on board with - look at that bathtub! I love the separate vanities (keep everyone's mess in their own zones) and the luxurious walk-in shower with its own glass door. Imagine great relaxing music and candles all over for some self-care tub time!

I can totally see a fountain here in the backyard to make it more zen like the front courtyard - it's practically begging for it. I think the new owners should add more lounge chairs too and a more robust grill to make the backyard as much of a gathering space plus its a view seen from so many different places in the house!

Do you have a house you'd love to see featured? Leave a comment below - I love perusing and lending my two cents to y'all if you're house shopping for yourself or house "window shopping" and looking through what's out there right now.

All photos via the best real estate listing service I've ever perused,


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