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My Birthday Month Buys

As much as I love all of my boys, no one knows what Mama wants more than... Mama! In that spirit, October is a month to spoil myself with my birthday, and I had High Point to shop for as well, so double the fun!

Have a look at what made it into my cart this month, and maybe you'll find yourself a good gift for you, or a loved one! The holidays are coming up so the time to get your gifting on is now...

You know I love a good button up, and wouldn't you want this shirt after reading this description:

"This shirt was a banker on Wall Street until she cashed out and started a new career as a florist on Nantucket. Spends her days lounging on weather-worn furniture, drinking expensive wine and smelling like fresh hydrangea."

Sounds like a synopsis of a Nancy Meyers movie if I've ever heard one! Sign me up!

As I've pointed out on the blog before, you can't go wrong with SOREL shoes, and these booties are super cute! They give you just a bit of a lift in the heel, and the bottoms are great for inclement wintery weather.

I may have bought this multi-pocketed jacket for High Point, but in my defense, I didn't go for the green or camo version like I usually would! Khaki is the perfect neutral choice to go with everything in your closet.

Now is the time to stock up with the holidays coming! It's the best time to try out new brands and products with all the gift sets and gifts with purchases available too.

With that in mind, I bought two of these lip trios, one in each color! I plan on buying more so that I'm never without no matter where I go, work bag, car, running pack. The nude colors have the most beautiful nude/brown undertones, and the pinks look pink/red on me, but I like the pop of color! Layered, the lipstick and gloss are long lasting and soothing in my humble opinion (#lipproductconnoisseur). While you're at Nordstrom, check this out...

I'm currently all about this scent in hand soap! You won't regret it - trust me! I love hand soaps in amber bottles...they go beautifully on top of practically any color countertop surface in a bathroom or kitchen, marble included as seen in one of our projects below...

I. Love. This. Shirt. I can't say enough good things about it. All you need to know is I bought multiples in all colors. I recommend sizing down.

Also, while I was at Banana Republic frantically getting said new shirts to wear at market, I was shocked to see BR has now entered the home decor realm. Not sure how I feel about it, but take a look and let's discuss at some point! Send me a DM or leave a comment below. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

While I didn't buy this during my birth month celebration, I stumbled upon this throw today while going through emails and thought I'd add in to my faves - I love the colors, texture, and the price! Don't be shocked if you see it in a client project coming up soon.

Anyone have any good things for gifts out there? Or do you need more gift ideas for this upcoming holiday season? Let us know if you'd like to see more posts like this or if there's a specific topic you're interested in!


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