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My Favorite Home Gadget Buys

Traditional coastal living room by Houston interior design firm Nancy Lane Interiors.

You know I consider myself old school in a lot of ways (not old, mind you, just old school as in I prefer things that are classic and timeless). Yes, I still love paper planners and certain analog methods, but I have embraced new technology in the last few years (just as much as I've resisted, ha!), and I am here to tell you it's possible to learn to love tech especially when it comes to home gadgets! Today I'm taking a deep dive into the devices in our own house that have been worthy investments, and that I highly recommend to anyone who wants to bump up the tech in their life.

My husband and I are big researchers, so most purchases come with weeks or months of investigation and research to make sure we're using our money for optimal products that will make a difference to our family on a daily basis. We've had all of these items long enough to know that they were worth the investment. Scroll through for our personal favorites, and let us know what gadgets you love in your home too!

While I love watching movies and TV, I have to say I've never loved the look of a television set UNTIL I found the Frame, which you can see in the photo above!

What I love most is the fact that this TV lies flat, you can hide all of the wires in the wall (and "the brain" in a nearby cabinet or shelf). Before ours was installed, there were wires galore showing and it made my OCD spike every time I walked in the room. #wortheverypenny

Of course, the next best thing about the Frame is that you can load your own gallery of artwork or photos to highlight when you're not using it as a TV. If you aren't someone with art or photos to upload, no worries, you can use one of the preloaded art selections already installed (that's how I roll) OR you can pay for a monthly subscription that rotates art from a constantly updating collection.

Bonus: You also can tweak the color and size of the mattes around your choice of photo or have no matte at all. Tip: you choose the color or finish of an additional frame that fits around the tv that will go along with the rest of your decor. I debated about purchasing the gold bevel frame myself but decided to go with black. When I mentioned this to my AV guy he suggested I wait on that additional purchase until the Frame arrived because he felt it wasn't necessary since the main Frame is black...and he was right. It looks fantastic as is.

I love this TV so much that we bought one for the living room, and then upgraded to a larger version and put the first one upstairs! We're three years in, and I can't complain one bit. I never thought I'd say this about a tv set but I LOVE my Frame tv.

Installing these thermostats rank up with some of the best money I've spent on our house - we have three of them in our home, all controlled with one app on my phone. You can set them up to hook up to Google and have an Alexa situation with it, but I don't need or want to be connected that much. I just want to be able to turn my heat or AC on from wherever I am, ha! Tip: if you're also in a season of life where you have moments of suffocating heat in the middle of sleeping, it's much more satisfying to roll over and crank up the AC with a quick click from your phone rather than wake up the house by wandering around in the dark feeling for the wall thermostat to turn the temperature down in the house!

Scents are an important part of a home's experience, in my opinion. I love my Pura device purchased through Nest New York because you can set the intensity of your chosen scent, and even set a timer if you know you're going to be home or in a certain room for a good long while. You can also set it up with motion detectors and set the entire color wheel's worth of colors for a nightlight if necessary.

I have one set up at the entrance, and I get comments from everyone who walks in about how fresh it smells!! My favorite scents are the Grapefruit and Bamboo, if you're wanting a recommendation.

It may take a minute for you to figure this Kuhn Rikon can opener out, but I promise - stick with it and you'll wonder what took you so long to switch. It's actually called an auto safety master opener for cans, bottles, and jars,...oh my...

I know this price tag is hefty, so I really only recommend this if you can get it on sale like I did. My hairdresser at the time used this dryer, and I was hooked after that. It really does dry my hair in five minutes flat, but make sure you clean out the filter to keep the dryer functioning at its optimal level.

Having the video accessible from this doorbell is so helpful if we're out and about or on vacation, and we see packages being delivered. I can send the kids out to get them or ask a neighbor to scoop them up so they don't get taken (sad but true) if I see it come through while I'm away.

This camera picks up even the slightest movement (you can adjust the motion sensitivity and range), so it's a nice added security benefit as well if you have someone lurking around the front of the house.

I'm still printing, I know...but it can't be helped! This printer, copier, and scanner in one is a must for the business, and it really is a daily use piece. The HP app allows for scanning and wireless printing as well, which is a big help!

What is your favorite home gadget that you have never regretted purchasing? I'm always looking for new ones, so please share in the comments!


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