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NLI's Reflections on 2022

Three days until New Year’s Eve and I can definitely say I’m looking forward to 2023.

Work wise it’s been a fantastic year for NLI.

While we’ve worked on fewer projects (by design), our project sizes have significantly increased. As the year closes, we just wrapped up a partial installation on the second of three whole house renovation projects. After two 12 hour days, with the help of six team members, and a massive amount of furniture, art, accessories, and soft goods perfectly placed, I can honestly say I’m as giddy as I am tired.

While we once would have waited to install everything in one fell swoop, post 2020 pandemic we’ve adapted and rolled with the punches of stock issues and transportation delays. I’ve used the analogy before of juggling balls while turning plates on sticks in the air, all the while standing on one foot with my hair on fire when someone asks about what it’s really like being an interior designer. My husband, who volunteered to be an additional helper on this install since he had the week off between Christmas and New Years, apparently found a new appreciation for what I do. He arrived home after the second day of installation and announced to our kids…”your mom's job is hard y’all. The stuff you do...I have a new respect for interior designers. Y'all should too.”

Then two minutes later.

"Man. Your job is no joke man. It’s hard. I’m exhausted. I need to sit down,” followed later by “Now I see why you go to bed so early.” Funny but true.

And I love (nearly) every minute of it.

It may sound cliché but I am so thankful that I wake up every day and get to do what I am passionate about. It’s a rollercoaster for sure but I love how I'm learning to lean into the crazy curves and breathe deep on the sharp descents, and also taking the time to enjoy the climb. Much like life, you never know what the day will bring, but that’s life, and life is what you make of it.

Nancy Lane Interiors
my mom and dad on their wedding day :)

I never would have thought that 2022 would be the last year of my mom's life. As sad as it is, as sad as I am, I know it’s a part of life, and it’s inevitable for all of us. There's no other way out of this. My hope for myself is to remember that life is what you make of it and to not take any day or second of it for granted, to hold loved ones close, and to nurture relationships that are worth saving, and to never stop learning, even when the lessons are painful. After all, I truly believe there's always a way to find a positive out of a negative.

Not sure how to wrap this up other than to say I’m more hopeful than I am sad, more thankful than I am bitter, and overall better than I deserve. Life is good, even when it’s not perfect.

Thank you for being here with me y'all. Thank you for your kind notes, DMs, and emails throughout the year. I appreciate it more than you know. I hope you have a safe and wonderful holiday weekend. I'll see you in 2023! xoxo!


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