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Primary Bedroom: Where to Splurge and Where to Save

Modern transitional primary bedroom featuring warm wood upholstered bed and custom luxury bedding by Houston interior designer Nancy Lane Interiors.

Design and Styling: Nancy Lane Interiors | Professional Photography: Ellen Renee Photography

When people move into a new house or decide to renovate, the primary bedroom is by far the space that gets overlooked or dismissed. "No one sees it but us..." or "We'll get to it after the rest of the renovations..." We've heard it all, y'all! And I get it, I truly do, BUT do you hear how those sentiments downplay how you feel in the room you, arguably, are spending at least a third of every day in? In your own home?

Of course, renovations or new home furnishing budgets are not typically unlimited, so we have to decide where it makes sense to invest, and where it makes sense to save a bit. There are so many different ways to go in a bedroom design, and if you aren't sure where to save or where to splurge, this one's for you!

Where to Splurge and Where to Save


A bed frame/headboard is one of the larger pieces in a bedroom, so it will make a statement purely from a scale perspective. If you'd like to make an even bigger statement, this is a great piece to design with a fun fabric, punchy color, or a frame with interesting details.

Speaking from my own experience lately, I thought about going for a less expensive bed with my recent bedroom overhaul - I honestly did. I sent a girlfriend a photo of one that I was considering, and she said, "You've been obsessed with that other bed for four years, and I'm tired of hearing about it. Buy the damn bed!" #andIdid!

Initially yes, good quality beds are a big investment, but you will not regret that five years later when your frame isn't squeaking, and you can clean the fabric headboard when the dog decides to walk right past it with dirt all over them and do a sideswipe. On this one, I say splurge!


Your mattress is one bedroom item worth researching and trying until the cows come home! You spend a quarter of your entire life sleeping, and good sleep effects your health and wellbeing to an unbelievable degree. Splurge on a mattress that works for you and your partner.

Splurge doesn't necessarily mean spending the most amount of money - splurge in the sense that you do the research and find one that works for you, and possibly a company that gives you a very generous trial period to make sure you both can sleep well. They're out there, just read and confirm the details before ordering.

Modern California relaxed casual primary bedroom featuring custom channel back upholstered bed and custom luxury bedding by Houston interior designer Nancy Lane Interiors.

Design and Styling: Nancy Lane Interiors | Professional Photography: Madeline Harper Photography


I would save on this one personally! Typically, a king bed would need a 9'x12' rug, which is not inexpensive due to its size and shipping. However, there are some great polypropylene options that have good color and texture.


It's definitely a matter of personal preference when it comes to bedding. This is a split for me. I tend to spend money on good sheets, and save on quilts and coverlets that will stay on top of the sheets. I love to layer even in summer and might switch out a quilt for a duvet. In the winter, I like to use a couple of quilts together, with one folded at the foot of the bed that we can pull up (or down) as necessary. Long story short: layers are what make a bed feel luxurious but layers also add up $$$.

I'll admit though that where I tend to splurge is on the decorative pillows. My favorite combo for a king size bed is three large euro pillows and/or a long lumbar in front and that adds up but it definitely is a place for adding pizazz to your bed and I'm here for it!


It's tempting to save here because case goods can be very expensive. However, remember that you'll be opening these drawers multiple times every day. If drawer glides don't glide smoothly, that will bug you every day.

I would say splurge here on quality, but of course you can wait for a sale or add each piece as your budget allows. And please read as many reviews as possible if you can't see the piece in person. There is gold to find in those reviews and photos if included which can keep you from making a big mistake!

If you don't need storage in your nightstands, that's another place to save by using a single table surface or an interesting side table with a different shape.


This one will depend a lot on how old you are. As a woman in her middle years, I need good lighting everywhere, every hour, all the time. Therefore in my own home, we have can lighting, chandeliers, plus table lamps and other accent lighting depending on the room. Not everyone believes in having or needing so many layers of lighting but I definitely do.

Someone else might be able to save and get 'just fine' aka cheap lamps for the nightstands and call it a day. I, of course, have my eye on some Ralph Lauren lamps that I swear I might kiss at the sight of, they're so gorgeous. They are large scale and give off great light, but the bases have been coming through in variable dye lots which the vendor is pretty up front about, and I don't want to chance it because I know it would bother me. While I'm still looking for something I love better, I found a lovely pair of stand-ins which leads me to my next tip...

Don't forget you can save by repurposing something you already have. I actually have a pair of yummy chunky Ralph Lauren lamps in one of my kid's bedroom already, and they totally work in our bedroom with the new design scheme I have envisioned, and they won't miss them at college. ;) As a result of this domino decision, our old French blue gray bedroom lamps are moving down into our dining room where they work perfectly with the wallpaper.

Designer Tip: go for tall reading lamps 30"- 32" tall, instead of the 24" variety so you can actually get light on your reading surface! Bottom line: Mix and match pricing of the various lighting layers in your home. Save on additional accent lighting if you're wanting to include those but splurge if you're in love with something and can afford it, I say go for it!


This is another place to save money, if you have space for seating in your bedroom. If this is going to be an accent chair in a corner, a bench at the end of the bed, or somewhere you'll sit to put on shoes, find something that fits your aesthetic for a better price.

If you're someone that would read or watch TV for multiple hours in this piece, splurge on something that you find very comfortable!


If you need blackout drapery to be able to sleep, that pushes you into custom drapery to ensure not a crack is exposed! That would be a splurge, but if you don't mind the light and just need drapery panels for some visual softness and typical privacy, this could be a place to save!

Modern transitional primary bedroom featuring a pair of custom upholstered accent chairs perfect for relaxing or reading by Houston interior designer Nancy Lane Interiors.

Design and Styling: Nancy Lane Interiors | Professional Photography: Ellen Renee Photography

We hope this helps you decide where you can splurge and where you can save for your next bedroom revamp. I'll be showing y'all how our primary suite renovation is going once we get started with the bathroom in the fall, so stay tuned for that! If you have finished your remodel, leave your best lessons from the process below!

If you're looking for help with your own primary bedroom or ensuite project of your own, please know that we're here to help. We’re currently booking new full service projects with start dates in early fall, so we recommend getting in touch with us for a discovery chat sooner rather than later!

We also offer one time Chit Chat Design consultations for clients who need a listening ear and a point in the right design direction rather than our full service level of design services at this time. Either way, let NLI help you love where you live! Click here to get started!


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