PROJECT REVEAL {Glenmont Master Bedroom}

Today we are excited to share with you the master bedroom from our Glenmont project. We first met our super sweet clients when they brought us in to design their master bathroom. At the very end of that renovation, the two of them began their biggest project ever with the delivery of their first baby! After settling into parenthood, they reached back out for help with other rooms in their house. Stay tuned for those reveals but in the meantime let's take a tour through the master bedroom...

The majority of our clients have at least one or two pieces that they want us to incorporate into their new design mainly for sentimental reasons but also for budgetary reasons. Now here's the would be so easy to say nope, get rid of everything, we're starting from ground zero but I consider it to be one of my design super powers...really listening to my clients goals and requests. After all, part of my job and what I love to do, is solve design dilemmas. We are honest with clients from the start about realistic investment amounts and whether the scope of work needs to be adjusted if we really feel like drastic changes are needed.

For this project, the client request was for a tranquil retreat, a space that was updated and fresh using a few existing pieces {relatively new window blinds (purchased before they found their bathroom leak), an upholstered bed plus a gorgeous piece of art} and incorporating new items like nightstands, lighting, and accessories. Let's take a quick peek at what we started with....

What stayed: the bed, art, and window shades.

Unless we're starting with a complete blank canvas, like a new build or rooms where our clients want to start completely from scratch, the first step of the design equation is to decide what's the boss in the room, meaning what's the biggest issue, design dilemma, or question mark if you will. In this room, it might have been a toss up between the carpet and the new window blinds. Knowing that the carpet was already on the client's radar for replacement, we declared the boss to be the window shades so it really fell to making the blue/green undertone of the blinds work for the space. With the existing paint color there was definitely a fight going on between undertones.

We tried numerous colors and let me tell you this beautiful paint color by Benjamin Moore was a spot on match. To soften the room we added beautiful custom drapes and hardware along the two walls of windows facing the bed.

I personally love layering beds in all white bedding then, if the client is willing, use splashes of color as a statement and because who are we kidding...color is fun! We chose a deep blue-green velvet, again pulling from the undertones of the paint and blinds, for custom euro sized pillows and then topped it off a dreamy long lumbar in the most colorful, fantastic geometric print and THE most gorgeous gold toned zipper you've ever seen.

We carried the gold tones as accents on the nightstands, wall mirrors, table lamps, and accessories.

Note the pulls and feet on these nightstands. Perfection if I do say so myself.

Next week we will be sharing the home office of our Glenmont Project and I promise you won't want to miss it! Be sure to check out the master bathroom from this project if you haven't already. I hope you enjoyed this project reveal and if you are looking to renovate, furnish, or build the home of your dreams, we would love to help! Check out our service offerings or fill out our contact form and we'll be in touch soon! Happy holiday weekend!!!!

Photography: Madeline Harper Photography

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