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Reese Witherspoon + Kohler Collaboration

Photos all provided by Kohler

Imagine my surprise and delight when I saw this fabulous home in my email inbox recently from Kohler, one of my favorite vendors! Reese Witherspoon partnered with Kohler for the design of her Tennessee home (and used the same faucets in her bathroom that I have in mine!). I knew as soon as I saw these stunning photos that I had to share all of this eye candy with y'all, so pull up a chair and enjoy!

I love how playful this powder bath is - the finishes are still very luxurious, but the style shape of the wall sconces and chandelier are art deco...gorgeous yet fun and unexpected. I usually think of sweet, traditional and Southern when I think of Reese but I know for me, the older I get my taste has really skewed towards more modern and I get that sense about her too as she sails through her forties. {Like wine, I think women only get better with age, ha} Have a close up look at this faucet and handles!

Freakin' fantastic if you ask me! I love it when people take chances and go for selections outside their normal comfort zone.

Look at this! Reese's own unshared bathroom...that's right. Further on you'll see her husband's own bathroom (what a dream!) I had to giggle when I saw she used Kohler's Pinstripe faucet...I chose the same for our primary bathroom remodel. I love a huge arched niche with the full mirror inlay. Yes please and the warmth of the wood is dreamy! Swoon. Just look at the furniture like detail and the repeat arch along the bottom. While I do love a reeded cabinet, all I can see is future dust on them. That's mom brain for you.

I wonder though if that style of cabinet will be the timestamp of 2022. Its everywhere isn't it? That's ok though...she has classic, beautiful marble mosaic tile flooring to make up for it! And I'm so happy she has window treatments around her beautiful tub instead of just open windows for all to see! Great design is all about layers, don't you think?

Can't go wrong with a classic white subway tile for the shower!

Who wouldn't love a towel warmer in their bathroom? I love the mix of metals...polished nickel mixed with the brass door hardware, and the subtle wallpaper in the toilet room. A beautiful bathroom to get ready in every day!

Here's a quick video of Reese's bathroom in its entirety!

Now we're off to her husband's bathroom! Jaw drop, commence. I mean, THIS is a sexy bathroom. I love the continuous countertop to wall treatment in this black and white stone. I also love the pairing with the mixed marble mosaic tile floor and the deep walnut vanity for a nice break between the black surfaces and the warmth that only wood can bring.

The brass just pops right off the dark backdrop, both here and the shower below. I designed a bathroom for a single guy a few years ago with the same DVT system by Kohler...we referred to his shower as the car wash, ha! Like the shower below, we used an inordinate amount of spray jets because, well, why not? It definitely wakes you from head to toe and helps you get up and go in the morning or anytime.

I know she's a fan of pink, so I love that the oak she chose for her kitchen has a slight pinkish tone to it. I chuckled a bit because we just specified these same hardware and sinks for a client's kitchen a few weeks back, so that'll be a fun story to tell them about!

I love the diagonal placement of the island in the middle of the kitchen as well - this is a sign of listening to the architecture of the house and finding a solution that works seamlessly with it and for your lifestyle. The beveled, round edges of the island are a nice finishing touch as well!

Just a gorgeous project all the way around. I wouldn't mind that view washing the dishes either. If you'd like to see the full tour of these spaces, and a few others, have a look at Kohler's full feature here!


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