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Tablescape Ideas for Your Holiday Dinner

If you're in a big rush to get all the presents wrapped, grocery shop, and corral everyone coming into town, here's some quick visual inspiration for your holiday table!

I love a good white tablecloth and a rattan runner for some extra texture as seen in the photo above. Metal candlesticks instantly elevate a tabletop - if you're one to do a theme, different colored wax candlesticks is a great way to change up the look over the years if you invest in a great set early on!

This tabletop reminds me that using more basic dinnerware is absolutely fine. Pine cones from the backyard, branches from your own trees, and sprigs or flowers from your garden are all fair game, especially this late in the game in the 4th quarter we are now in.

Cutting boards and small baskets are such a good addition of texture on your table, and I bet you have these stashed away in that cabinet in the corner that never gets opened until this very time of year.

If not, small containers you have around the house that match can be made festive with holiday napkins or tissue paper as liners, and then dry snacks or finger foods can be put into each one! I'm always a fan of pick-your-adventure food, and charcuterie boards definitely do the trick. This is a fun project for the kids to assemble, if they want to help mom out and be part of the process or locally hit the easy button and order from here (although I'm sure its too late for this weekend).

Green bunches from Whole Foods or Trader Joe's can absolutely achieve this look below - look for eucalyptus leaves and other textured greens to form the base of your centerpiece. Here you see a mix of gold candlesticks, white pumpkins, and thicker white candles, and I know even I have a few of each floating around the house from entertaining over the years. You can totally substitute in fruit like red apples or oranges, not to mention a big bowl of ornaments would be glorious, with others scattered down the center of the table on top of a runner.

These pieces are also basic enough that a stop at Target or your local craft store will probably yield enough for your dinner table, just in time for cooking to commence!

Here's a great example of colored candlesticks for a different look! Tonal candlesticks paired with a tonal napkin is a simple but chic, sophisticated take on a holiday table. You can get an inexpensive set of gold flatware at Target but I could see using your everyday silverware as well! A small sprig and a colored napkin is just enough to dress up a place setting.

Wishing you and your loved ones a lovely holiday season! And if this year isn't the most joyous, know that I'm there with you and you're not alone!


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