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What's In My Work Bag {lately}

I'm always going through my work bags to clear out random things that get tossed in during busy installation days and keep on top of receipts that need to be filed. Even though I routinely keep them organized, going through my bag before the new year is part of my ritual for getting ready for new opportunities and to reevaluate my gear. I thought I would share my all time favorites, and the necessities I have had to throw in after this crazy year.

I have a thing for work bags. It's true...I like big bags and I cannot lie. I loved this bag at first sight but I was wary as to whether it would be comfortable to carry. I ordered it on sale and waited with baited breath. It is truly perfection y'all. The leather is soft and buttery and there is plenty of room for all of my tools plus it has a couple of separate pockets to help me keep organized. I love the fact that it has smaller tote handles and a removable strap that I use most of the is customizable but most importantly COMFORTABLE to carry. Oooh and you can monogram it....what's not to love?

I could not and would not leave home without my favorite lip gloss of all time....which is now available at Target stores! Who knew? Not me but guaranteed I'll be stocking up on these during my next Target run - Vibes is my favorite color!

I admit it...I am old school and love a good notebook. A lovely designer friend of mine turned me on to this notebook and now I'm hooked on taking initial notes as we walk around job sites in this notebook. You can get it with lines or grid lines (can you say easy button for quick floorplans?) and the variety of gorgeous colors cannot be beat!

I love to take pictures and notate measurements using my new iPad Air.

Add a magic keyboard and you've got your own travel office workspace wherever you go!

While I love writing in notebooks, this lets me utilize new tech with the same feeling of a pen - I call that a win-win!

This makes measuring appointments so quick and easy - I can't leave for an appointment without it!

These days I carry one of these hand sanitizers in every bag. The essential oil keeps my hands moisturized and smelling great, which is super important when you're applying this so many times a day!

I love this tool for measuring for window treatments - it's sturdy enough to stay straight when measuring up walls and to the top of windows/trim.

My favorite of the five million I've tried - these masks from Athleta are super soft and comfortable, plus the genius design allows you to readjust at the ears so they don't start to ache after a few hours.

What's your non-negotiable tool you always have in your bag? I love hearing what other people have to have with them - send any and all magic tricks you love to take with you while you work!

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