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Gift Ideas: What to Get for Mother's Day

Nancy Lane Interiors blog post: gift ideas for Mother's Day

Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

If you're stumped for ideas for the moms and mom figures in your circle, I'm sharing my latest favorites with y'all today! I have skincare, clothing, TV show recs, and some books from my dear friend Laura, so hopefully there's a little something for everyone who needs gift ideas for Mother's Day this year!

Nancy Lane Interiors blog post: gift ideas for Mother's Day

You know my love for Tata Harper runs very deep - their resurfacing skin treatment leaves my special skin buttery soft, and the body oil is divine for hydration! I'm loving all of these pieces from Gap too - that linen shirt is part of my uniform, and makes a great coverup at the beach. Easy, breezy, not-touching-me is the name of the game in Texas summers!

TV Shows I'm Watching Now

Apple TV has a nice run going on right now! Sugar is my newest obsession - oh be still my heart Colin Farrell. He is soooooo good in this role. And the way this show is cut and interspersed with flashback scenes from old movies - swoon! I love every minute of it. Although the backstory is dark (be warned), the writing is superb. 

Palm Royale is another winner - colorful, campy, all the things summer should be. And Carol Burnett is in it, so that's must watch summer TV, if you ask me.

I also started a new one on Apple about Coco Chanel with Juliette Binoche called "The New Look". Who knew she was a spy? Not I - just started it and its good y'all.

Next up on my list though is on the recommendation of designer Katie Rosenfeld, who recommended We Were the Lucky Ones about the Holocaust. Waiting for my twins to come home from college, and we are watching this series as a family. 

If your mom or wife would like these shows, consider an Apple TV subscription!

Nancy Lane Interiors blog post: gift ideas for Mother's Day

Book Recommendations

Anytime I need a book recommendation I know I can count on my sweet peep Laura (she's also a master gardener and my ride or die running partner, love your guts Laura xoxo). She shared this list with me recently and I can't wait to dig into this literary pile!

This is by Houston author Judithe Little, and I'm looking forward to reading it.

Reading this currently. Dual timeline family secrets, mystery, Italian countryside…what's not to love?

A sweet story about a friendship between a 17 year old and an 83 year old both hospitalized at the same time. Keep your Kleenex handy...

The true story of an innocent man who spent 30 years on death row before being released.  Incredible how he kept his faith, his sense of humor, and helped others.

Shop Local!

One of the sweetest things my husband did when our kids were little was that he insisted on taking all of our boys out to shop local for Mother's Day gifts for me. I remember thinking he was nuts because I took them shopping with me all. the. time. and it was, well, chaotic. But it was important to him that they learn to think about other people, especially their Mom, and getting to know me as a person rather than just their Mom, if that makes sense. It's not the gift, but the sentiment behind it and just thinking of them as littles buying me lip gloss or a candle or what their little minds deciphered for me, then bringing their treasure home and wrapping it up and beaming as they gave it to me. Those memories are the gifts that keep on giving.

Anywho, I linked to Amazon above, but I personally prefer to shop in person locally when I can and supporting fellow small business owners. For all you local to Houston, Kindred Stories, a black owned bookstore, would probably have The Sun Does Shine. Brazos Bookstore would likely have all of them. Murder by the Book would likely have the Sicilian Inheritance. I'm sure you can find something there besides these books or in addition to them for the mom figures in your life.

For the gardening enthusiast, Tall Plants on Katy Hwy is a favorite place of mine to peruse. Not sure if they offer gift certificates but I do know they have wonderful orchids, planters, and a variety of plants that any mom would love.

If you end up trying any of these suggestions, or getting into these shows, you know you have an ear to chat about them with! Have a fabulous Mother's Day, y'all!

As I type those words, I know it might be a hard day for some, maybe you're missing your mom, maybe your relationship with your mom is strained, maybe you long to be a mom so bad it hurts, been there, done that, all three. Just remember to give yourself grace to feel how you feel, be good to yourself, treat yourself, be kind to yourself. It might be a tough weekend for you but know you're not alone. What helps me is to get outside, get some sunshine, some exercise, call a friend, and do something I really enjoy with people I enjoy. Hope that helps.

Happy Heavenly Mother's Day to my Mom. I love you. I miss you. Kiss Dad for me. xoxo,nl

Nancy Lane Interiors blog post: gift ideas for Mother's Day

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