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House in the 'Hood {007}

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It's that time again - welcome to the seventh edition of our favorite local real estate series, or as I lovingly nicknamed it years ago on my old blog, 'house in the hood. It may be no shocker to you that I am obsessed with real estate and love sitting down in the early morning hours with a cup of coffee and my iPad to see what homes are currently on the market. If you didn't catch the last HITH, feel free to catch up here.

Today's installment holds a sweet treat of a jewel box for you! I’m still actively on the lookout for whoever designed the interior of this house, because it is definitely the personification of my spirit in there!

This beauty was built in 1938, and it looks to still have really good bones. It’s so rare to find houses like this today in our neighborhood which makes this one even more special in my book. You know I love the touch of green and the cedar shake shingles.

You know when you walk in the front door and see Schumacher fabric and seagrass rugs, you know it's going to be good. Could a designer live here, or was one hired? I’m intrigued.

Ooh, I'm in love the paneling detail in the hallway. I was hoping for more color by the door but alas a green geometric rug will do because color is coming....get ready...

Viola...the powder room. Can you say grandma millennial? I’m seeing more and more of this trend being used in older spaces that need some modernizing. I’m not personally a fan of pink florals, aside from Chiang Mai, but I do appreciate a grandma chic space.

Speaking of Chiang Mai, I was hoping it was here and it is indeed! I love love love their custom roman shade above the sink! The green backsplash tiles are a surprise hit of color that, of course, I love as well. The more traditional bridge faucet is a lovely touch, and a great contrast with the lucite and brass hardware pulls on the cabinets.

Some people might disagree about having hardwoods running throughout in the kitchen. I'm all in love with it!

A client of ours that has one of these gorgeous ranges said she’s going to be buried in it, she loves it that much. This beauty is a La Cornue, just in case you’re curious, or want one for yourself!

You know, I'm not a big pink person myself but this is so fun! We continue the grandma chic style in this dining room, pairing the floral wallpaper and pink drapes with a Dorothy Draper style dresser for a point of contrast as a dining console. I love the whimsy look of the chandelier as well.

I have to tell you - I'm not always a fan of certain green paint colors, ahem, case in point BUT because of the way that they painted everything in the room, from the trim to the walls, even the air conditioning vent - I love it! They rock the follow through of the Chiang Mai shades from the kitchen. Glorious choice...go bold y'all! Its better that way! The deeper I get into this house, the more I love it!

Normally, I might question not having a rug underneath a wood table against hardwood flooring, but there’s just enough of a contrast between the two wood finishes. The bistro chairs also break up the darkness well enough for me to not even care about not having a rug underneath the dining table.

Looking at it from the other direction - love how the green walls play off the backsplash! I love the flow throughout. I have the same Hicks pendants above my own kitchen island although these are a smaller size - seriously I need to meet this person!!

Right off the breakfast area is the laundry. Get ready for this...remember to breathe...

Stunning!! The banana leaf wallpaper - I'm in!! I love love this different slightly lighter kind of avocado color. I love the the butcher block countertop, which looks like brand new as well. The utilization of space for the hanging rack and the hangers is a great touch. The built in drawers to raise the front-loading washer and dryer up to a more comfortable height is also a thoughtful detail.

The black and white patterned tile floor is perfection - it ties in the frames and the washer and dryer accents, and works perfectly with the green!

With all that, there is still room for a gift wrap station, and the most organized craft and toy closet I’ve seen in awhile! It's official: my spirit animal BFF lives here.

I may need a moment - seriously. Okay, let's talk about how perfect this room is. The antelope rug is stunning. Again with the green paint everywhere - ceiling, trim, cabinets. The library sconces are a traditional nod that still make sense for the room - love them. The only negative thing I could even say is the way they hung the art - the OCD in me wants to reach into the computer and straighten every frame up there.

Okay, the photographs and the brick fireplace would be the only two things either I'd want to redo or I'd want to paint it a different color. That’s pretty good considering how much is going on in the room.

We’re back to the front room, and again, they've pulled in some of the details from other spaces so that it flows without looking like the exact same space. Here we see deep emerald velvet chairs to bring the green in through a different medium, pops of pink, and a layered cowhide rug on top of a cut seagrass rug. Layers y'all...that's what it's all about...layering.

The floral curtains remind me of the floral wallpaper in the powder bath, and are yet another great example of grandma chic. If these homeowners aren’t designers, they certainly hired one!

I just love the boldness of choices - this kind of space doesn’t come around very often, and I just love how personal it all feels. You know the person behind this is a fascinating human with interesting opinions and style.

A very handsome office - the only thing in here I might have done differently is going for the same color blue on cabinetry and walls, and a deeper blue (with maybe a hint of green undertone) for the color. I can think of three stunning choices off the top of my head.

This is more like it - this feels like a marine blue paired with a periwinkle toned blue. It’s still in keeping with a modern traditional, grandma chic look. Monograms, florals, botanicals... I’m here for it.

I like the thin lucite console, but I do question the little bench - definitely better choices out there. But that‘s it - everything else is magic! Moving on into the closet...

Again, some surprises, some new colors, and still so chic!! Love the custom cut leopard print rug around the built ins, the soft lilac color of the drawers with the brass pulls. The Roman shade in here is a nod to the other window treatments in the house, but still stands on its own.

Oh my goodness, this wallpaper is everything!! I just sampled it for one of our projects. Gorgeous colorway I might add! That color paired with the penny tile floors, the subway tile in the same color as the wallpaper, and the lucite pulls reminiscent of the kitchen pulls are a beautiful touch!

I know this might be maximalist to some people, but again - the fearlessness, and the unapologetic spirit of this house is just invigorating!

I love love the campaign dressers in the fun pop of color, and matching the window trim to that piece! Perfection! I actually love that I can’t tell whether this is a girls or boys bedroom at first glance.

Same with this bedroom - fun and bright for whoever gets to use this room!

I have to meet this person…such a unique look for an accompanying children’s bedroom! I would love to have had a bathroom like this as a kid! This bathroom personifies my personal preference...using timeless and classic materials and adding a with paint color, fabric window shade, and wallpaper to bring in personality.

Again, a fun and bright take on a children’s playroom, but using one of my favorite Pierre Frey fabrics for the draperies!! This person is just fabulous!! Only thing is that I would have taken the drapery down to the floor, but that’s it.

This house is truly a jewel box of surprises, and I hope the next owners appreciate how much creativity and passion was put into the house.

What do you think of this one? Share your take on this house in the comments below!

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All photos are from my favorite real estate resource in Houston or anywhere,


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